Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival Friday: Who Inspires You?

Hello cats and kittens!

Yeah, I'm doing one of those again: Lolita Blog Carnival Friday! "Who inspires you in Lolita fashion?" is todays topic.

First of all, my biggest inspiration is probably the "eglcommunity" tag on instagram. You can never go wrong with that.

Other than that, there are a view people that inspire me for different reasons:

  1. Nana Evangel - Accessories

  2. Nana has a great sense for accessories. She knows how to take an outfit to the next level. I admire that a lot.

  3. Duplica - Theme Integration

  4. If anybody knows how to integrate a theme into an outfit, it's Duplica! The takes that stuff seriously. Her dedication is admirable.

  5. Scarlet Sedusa - Hair
  6. Scarlet has by far the best Lolita hair styles in the western world. I love that she works with her own hair. Wigs are great but I would love to see more natural hair back in Lolita fashion.

  7. Misako Aoki - Hair, Accessories
  8. Even though I'm not a huge fan of her personally, her hair game is on point! Her bangs are glorious and I'm working towards having bangs like her. One could say she's my bangspiration! *hehe*

  9. Minori - Styling 

  10. Minori is a shironuri artist and inspiring in so many ways but especially because she cares so little about what other people think about her. It doesn't benefit her happiness so she doesn't bother with it. That's just awesome!

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And here's my video on this topic! I'm grumpy and don't wear any makeup. FUN!

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