Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Want of the day: Croissant Necklace

Hello cats and kittens!

Ages ago I came up with the idea of "want of the day" which is pretty self-explanatory: It's the thing I want most on that day. Never continued the series because I'm a bad blogger but lying in bed today I thought to myself: "That's a 5 minute blog entry, I might as well type it while my noodles are cooking."

So that's why I'm doing.

My want of the day is this croissant necklace from "La Boutique de Marie Antoinette".

I was scrolling trough twitter when I saw that Misako Aoik retweeted the following:
Maria Antonia, better known as Marie Antoinette, was originally from Austria and only "changed" her name when she got married to Louis XVI, King of France and Navarre. Apparently he was a prude and didn't want to dance the horizontal tango with Maria Antonia, which is why she asked her mother, Maria Theresia - Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Germany - for advice in the sack. As far as I know some of those letters are still in existence. Talk about awkward.

Anywho, I clicked on it because I'm quite the fan of Maria Antonia and found this amazingness which is the croissant necklace! Isn't it fantastic?! I think it is.

What's the weirdest thing you found on the internet lately? Tell me in the comments below!

Freitag, 14. November 2014

Lolita Blog Carvinal: A Comfy Lolita Outfit

Hello Everyone!

I am very sorry that I am neglecting this blog :( Maybe it's because I take almost all my pics with my smartphone and typing on my phone is such a hassle. I do feel bad about it because I just saw that I reached 91 followers, which is pretty awesome. Thank you very much <3

So, on to the actual topic! It's another Friday, which means it's Blog Carnival Friday. WEEEH! Today I'm talking about comfy Lolita outfits. See, here is the thing: I'm lazy. Or maybe it's not laziness but the fact that I like being comfy so much. Jenna Marbles would say "I ain't got time fo dat!".

I don't have time for outfits that are not comfy. That's why I don't wear high heels (or very reluctantly), that's why I don't wear corsets, that's why ALL my co-ords are comfy.

Now, how to I do that? How do I make all my outfits so comfy? Here's a short list on how to comfy Lolita:

  1. Wear flats. Even uncomfortable flats are more comfortable than heels.
  2. Exchange your blouses for cut-sews. Once you go cut-sew, you never go back. Especially if you're big boobed like me.
  3. All the shirring all the way.
  4. Get dresses that look good without a petticoat (I wouldn't suggest to go to a meetup in such a dress but it's good enough for lounging around your house or tea with your friends).
  5. Stop caring about the fact that your hair is so straight and embrace it. Or more generally speaking, wear your hair open, in it's natural state.
  6. Find a small head bow that fits everything and doesn't give you a headache.
  7. Chose tights over socks (that's a personal preference tho since socks tend to leave the pattern imprinted on my legs after I wear them).
  8. Find a make-up routine that takes the littlest amount of effort to make you look cute. For me that's bb cream as concealer, mascara only on the top lashes and a little blush.
  9. Screw jewelry.
However, if you are going to a meet-up, just suck it up and feel a little discomfort for a while. Pretty hurts ;-)

What are your tips for a comfy Lolita outfit? Leave it in the comments below.

If you want to see a really really tired me, check out my video!