Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Angelic Pretty: Happy Ice Cream

It has been quite the journey, hasn't it?

Well... it all starts waaay back in the spring of 2009. Still in school, I just turned 20 when I stumble across the English Angelic Pretty web shop (this web shop doesn't exist any longer, they shut it down for whatever reason in 2014). Since I got some money for my birthday I decide to order directly from a Japanese brand shop for the very first time.

Happy me is very very happy with the Happy Ice Cream Headdress that I ordered. My fable for weird/ridiculous looking headdresses started early as you can see. At the time, as I was still in school, not working, studying for my a-levels, I only was able to buy the headdress and not the matching JSK, but since I was in fashion school, I thought it would be easy to sew something matching.

Oh boy was I wrong! This particular shade of blue was nowhere to be found. No where! Not in my hometown, not in Vienna, not online... not anywhere! After I gave up looking for a fabric with polka dots, I tried to get a uni-coloured fabric. Again, no luck at all. It's just a damn hard fabric to match!

A year passes, I finished school, I move out. The dress is still in the back of my mind, taunting me, when it suddenly pops up in the sales comm. 180$ plus shipping. Kinda expensive for a university student, who can only work on Saturdays. Since rent want's to be paid, I cry all the tears and don't buy it.

Two months later, it pops up in the sales comm again. Same seller, she lowered the price. It's a lot cheaper not with only 120$ plus shipping. I message her that I have to transfer money to my PayPal account. She is fine with that. The transfer takes unusually long. I message her again after it took a long week to get the money on my account. She writes me back. The dress in gone. She thought I lost interest since it took so long.

ALL THE TEARS! All of them...

Times goes by, the dress is nowhere to be found. If it shows up on auction sites it's the wrong colour. I am frustrated, thinking about selling the headdress but I love it too much and since I bought it, I only wore it out twice. I don't want to give away the first piece I ever ordered directly from a brand store before I've worn it properly.

Now it's 2014. All my friends are looking for the dress. Everybody knows to look for it when they're in Japan but it's like the earth opened up and swallowed all the dresses. Once it showed up in the Closet Child online store. That day I woke up to 4 different messages telling me the dress in online, just to find out it's the wrong colour again.

Oh well. After 5 years of looking for it, I was pretty convinced I was never going to own it. Out of pure desperation I even messaged a girl, if she would sell me the dress, because I saw on her blog that she had it but I never got an answer and I felt bad about harassing her too.

Then, out of nowhere, I see that I have a Facebook message from somebody I don't know. It's the girl from the blog, she wants to sell the dress to me! I can't believe what's going on, I suspicious to no end, check her Facebook, her LiveJournal feedback, everything I can get my hands on and it seems legit. She's not a lot on Facebook and the correspondence takes what seems like forever. Not for a second did I believe that I would actually get my dream dress.

Until it was delivered this morning.

And it is sooooo perfect! It's more perfect than anything else I own, it'seven better than I thought it would be. It's super fluffy, the built in petticoat is amazing, it pretty much renders an extra petticoat unnecessary, unless you want super fluff. The full body shirring makes it amazingly comfortable even for a big-boobed girl like me without turning you into the Michelin mascot.

I can't wait to wear it out. Tomorrow there's a meetup in Vienna but it might be too cold to wear it and that really breaks my heart.

To come to an end, this was the story how it took me 5 years to hunt down my dream dress. Don't ever give up!

What are you currently looking for? Are you searching for your dream dress too? Maybe even longer than me? Tell me in the comments below! 

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