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Lolita Blog Carnival: Picnic Outfit and Menu

Hello cats and kittens!

It's another Friday, which means, it's yet time again for a Lolita Blog Carnival entry! The challenge this week was to create and outfit and a menu for a picnic.

I love picnic! I really do. When you live in a big city like Vienna, it's nice to get away from all the noise and the cars and since I don't like hiking, picnics are a great way to spend some time in the park and enjoy nature.

For my outfit I choose my Angelic Pretty Ala Card Tea Time JSK, because it has a food theme, which is fitting for a picnic. I paired it with my blue chiffon blouse and some Metamorphose socks. It's simple and cute, that makes it a great outfit for a picnic because you want to be comfortable sittin on the floor.

The menu is what I like to call the grown-up cheat version of picnic food, meaning it contains alcohol, looks fancy but it's super easy to make.

Originally Hugo is a cocktail made of Prossecco, elderberry syrup, lime juice and mint leaves but I'm allergic to Prosecco which is why I make mine a little different. I use a mix of sparkling water and white wine. Depending on how much alcohol you want you use more or less wine, of course, or you just skip it all together and just serve elderberry soda ;-) How much elderberry syrup you add depends on how sweet your wine is and how sweet you want the Hugo to taste. I don't like mine too sweet, which is why I use only very little. The recommendation on the bottle is a ration of 7:1, meaning 7 parts water, 1 part syrup but that's way too sweet for my taste!

If you want to put almost no effort into the picnic, french rolls/brioch is a great option. You can buy the ready made brioche and fill it with Nutella, jam, fruits, plain old butter, whatever you like! It tastes yummy and your fingers won't get sticky! A great plus when you're outdoors.

To show off to your guest a little, buy some ready made puff pastry and get creative! I found a post on 9gag that shows how to cut and fold puff pastry into awesome looking little artworks and you can literally use any kind of filling: fruit, jams, cream cheese, chocolat, nutella, etc. And if you don't want to go for sweet, use vegetables and chesse as filling :D

Those little suckers are probably one of the fanciest thing you can serve and it's so easy to make! You only have to watch out and not burn it (and they don't burn easily ;-)). They taste absolutely amazing! You're going to feel like you're in a french restaurant, not sitting on a blanket in a park somewhere.

Last but not least, I included some cheese balls. The recipe is from YouTuber Ochikeron and I decided to make them shortly before I started filming. The original recipe calls for Shiratamako (glutinous lumpy rice flour) but I used whole grain rye flour, to make it seem a little more healthy ;-) You can eat them like they are and they are super delicious, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, but you could also cut them in the middle and fill them with cream cheese and salmon. That would be over the top fancy for a picnic!

I hope you liked my ideas for a picnic menu. What would you bring to a picnic? Tell me in the comments below! And please check out all the other participants of this weeks challenge:

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