Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

Wave Gothic Treffen Countdown

I'm a horrible blogger, I know. Just don't mention it...

Time flies! I can not believe it's already May! This year I'm going to Leipzig for the WGT. It's going to be my first time. I actually wanted to go the first time in 2010 but when we decided to go, the flights or train tickets were already crazy expensive, 2011 I had my a-levels around that time, so I couldn't go either and the last two years I just didn't have the money to go ^-^

But this year I'm super excited! We are 6 people, 5 girls, 1 "Lolita in a construction workers body" (aka Eve Evangel from Lolita Komplex XD)) and we are renting a bus to drive from Vienna to Leipzig. It's going to be a 6-7 hour drive. Fun! Lolita party bus, never experienced that before.

Unfortunately I just today realized that it's only 29 days left... and I still have stuff to sew... like... a lot... FUUUUUUU!!!

Ok. *heavy breathing* 29 days left. I need at least 8 outfits. Let's see what I already have:

  • The Mad Hatter Pirate

  • I'm not sure yet if I want to go more towards Mad Hatter or more Pirate. But I love the Mad Hatter more and it's easier for me to do than a Pirate outfit. I'm going to have to change the pants and I want a different blouse to wear with it. Other than that, the outfit is pretty much done. 
    If I have the time, I want to make a headdress with a tea cup, that I can wear under my top hat but that's optional and I probably can live without it. Probably.
  • Extreme Ero Lolita

  • If there ever is a place to wear this outfit, it's at the WGT. If I have the time and really only if I have the time, I will sew a short sleeved version of this blouse because with long sleeves I will sweat to death... I wish my boobs would still look this good! Damn you gravity!

  • The Vampire Doll

  • I never got around to take a good picture of it but you get the idea. She is a mentally degraded vampire, carrying around the heart of her first lover. This outfit is done. Nothing more to add.
  • Edwardian Dress for the Victorian Picnic

  • Things I need to sew for this outfit: dress, underskirt and an undershirt. *le sigh* That's the biggest project I need to finish.
I'm gonna leave it at this because this is already a horribly long blog post. Part 2 is going to follow soon. I promise. Why can I promise that? Because I'm a great procrastinator!

Are you going to the WGT this year? Or are you planning any other Lolita vacations/ events where you need an outfit? Tell me in the comments below!

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