Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Wave Gothic Treffen Countdown, Part 2

I told you the 2nd part would follow soon! If I was a super villain, I would be "Dr. Procrastinator". The worst super villain in the world ^-^

Anywhoooo... We were talking outfits! In yesterdays post I showed you my plans for 4 out of 8 outfits. Today we are covering the last 4.

  • Steampunk-ish-y Dirndl

  • This is the latest dress I've sewn. I'va had the fabric forever and never really knew what I wanted to do with it. At one point I was thinking about doing a jumpsuit. That would've been weird!

    The pattern is from one of my Angelic Pretty JSKs, Toy Drops to be exact. It's a... what's it called... underbust with a removable frill, to make it into a normal cut neckline. Not that the underbust is actually UNDER my BUST. You wouldn't even be able to see my nipples. 
    Lotta boob talk going on, lately ^-^ sorry 'bout it!

  • Skull Royalty

  • I don't have any idea what's that going to be but I have this great headdress with a kitty skull and I want to look royal. That's the concept behind it.

  • Team WGT Ero Lolita

  • Stupid like I am, I promised the guys to make bloomers for all of us. ALL OF US! Oh well, at least it doesn't take that long. This is the logo it's going to feature.

  • Lazy Fake Leather Leggins

  • Because I don't know what else and one day I want to be comfortable! That seams fair enough, doesn't it? I put so much effort into these outfits, I can be lazy at least once.
So, now that I have a list with everything I want to wear, let's make a list with all the stuff I have to sew in 28 days (I wanted to add a really fancy widget here with boxes I can click but unfortunately Evernote won't let me to that):
    butt pillow for the authentic Edwardian look
    Edwardian dress
    black blouse
    blue blouse
    change pants
I'm going to update you on my progress as often as possible because I'm going to force myself to blog whenever I feel like procrastinating and we already establishes how much I love doing that!

What do you love to do whenever you feel like wasting time? :D Tell me in the comments below!

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