Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Summer Lovin'

Good day everybody!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Little bit too hot for my taste but I like it cold. 25° C is too hot for me XD Anywho, I decided to meet up with the boyfriend on one of Vienna's many fake beaches along the Donau and wear out my "Candy Shower" JSK from Metamorphose.

I'm going to enter Metamorphose's Spring and Summer Coordinate Contest. It ends this Sunday (23:59, May 25th JST).

It was a fun afternoon, except for the part where a drunk groom to be told me his bachelors party dared him to either get a kiss on the cheek from me or money. Don't you just love dumb bachelors party games? I gave him the rest of the change I had in my wallet (40 cents XD)) and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon without interruptions.

Being the pale vampire that I am, I'm very glad that I have my parasol that protects me from the evil UV rays. During the summer, I don't leave the house without it. No sunburns is worth the stares and it's also really great to shield yourself from unwanted picture takers :D

What is your favourite way to stay cool or cool down in the summer heat? Tell me in the comments below!

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

I love gifs!

I love gifs.

That's just it. I love them. They make me happy and I can look at them for hours on end!

And I love making gifs out of my videos. That's just hilarious to me.

This is the most recent gif I made. Yes, I'm wearing a cape!

It's like laughing at my own joke but look at it! It's so funny!

The footage is from my latest video: Sweet Lolita Transformation (with a spin because I can't actually make serious videos XD))

Yes, I'm still working on my WGT outfits... but I'm not really making progress ;___; 14 days to go. Panic!

What are you up to? Doing anything special? Tell me in the comments below!

Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

Dat Butt! Pillow...

Hello there!

Today was almost a productive day. I say almost because it took me all day to make something I could have finished in less than 3 hours but at least it's pretty!

I finished the first thing on my Checklist! The butt pillow:

In the late Victorian Era women stopped wearing the hoop skirts and the so called "cul de paris" and changed it to something more comfortable: the butt pillow! I don't know what it's actually called but I love the term butt pillow.

This is the unfinished version. I added some ruffles after I took that picture because a) it looks prettier, b) it gives a little more support and the skirt worn over it won't have a weird shape.

It's a very agreeable butt pillow, don't you think? I think it's really cute. I'm curious how it's going to look under the under skirt and the gown I'm going to wear. Hopefully it's not collapsing too much but with all that stuffing inside, I really doubt that.

What would you call this thing? Or do you even know the correct term for it? Tell me in the comments below!

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Wave Gothic Treffen Countdown, Part 2

I told you the 2nd part would follow soon! If I was a super villain, I would be "Dr. Procrastinator". The worst super villain in the world ^-^

Anywhoooo... We were talking outfits! In yesterdays post I showed you my plans for 4 out of 8 outfits. Today we are covering the last 4.

  • Steampunk-ish-y Dirndl

  • This is the latest dress I've sewn. I'va had the fabric forever and never really knew what I wanted to do with it. At one point I was thinking about doing a jumpsuit. That would've been weird!

    The pattern is from one of my Angelic Pretty JSKs, Toy Drops to be exact. It's a... what's it called... underbust with a removable frill, to make it into a normal cut neckline. Not that the underbust is actually UNDER my BUST. You wouldn't even be able to see my nipples. 
    Lotta boob talk going on, lately ^-^ sorry 'bout it!

  • Skull Royalty

  • I don't have any idea what's that going to be but I have this great headdress with a kitty skull and I want to look royal. That's the concept behind it.

  • Team WGT Ero Lolita

  • Stupid like I am, I promised the guys to make bloomers for all of us. ALL OF US! Oh well, at least it doesn't take that long. This is the logo it's going to feature.

  • Lazy Fake Leather Leggins

  • Because I don't know what else and one day I want to be comfortable! That seams fair enough, doesn't it? I put so much effort into these outfits, I can be lazy at least once.
So, now that I have a list with everything I want to wear, let's make a list with all the stuff I have to sew in 28 days (I wanted to add a really fancy widget here with boxes I can click but unfortunately Evernote won't let me to that):
    butt pillow for the authentic Edwardian look
    Edwardian dress
    black blouse
    blue blouse
    change pants
I'm going to update you on my progress as often as possible because I'm going to force myself to blog whenever I feel like procrastinating and we already establishes how much I love doing that!

What do you love to do whenever you feel like wasting time? :D Tell me in the comments below!

Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

Wave Gothic Treffen Countdown

I'm a horrible blogger, I know. Just don't mention it...

Time flies! I can not believe it's already May! This year I'm going to Leipzig for the WGT. It's going to be my first time. I actually wanted to go the first time in 2010 but when we decided to go, the flights or train tickets were already crazy expensive, 2011 I had my a-levels around that time, so I couldn't go either and the last two years I just didn't have the money to go ^-^

But this year I'm super excited! We are 6 people, 5 girls, 1 "Lolita in a construction workers body" (aka Eve Evangel from Lolita Komplex XD)) and we are renting a bus to drive from Vienna to Leipzig. It's going to be a 6-7 hour drive. Fun! Lolita party bus, never experienced that before.

Unfortunately I just today realized that it's only 29 days left... and I still have stuff to sew... like... a lot... FUUUUUUU!!!

Ok. *heavy breathing* 29 days left. I need at least 8 outfits. Let's see what I already have:

  • The Mad Hatter Pirate

  • I'm not sure yet if I want to go more towards Mad Hatter or more Pirate. But I love the Mad Hatter more and it's easier for me to do than a Pirate outfit. I'm going to have to change the pants and I want a different blouse to wear with it. Other than that, the outfit is pretty much done. 
    If I have the time, I want to make a headdress with a tea cup, that I can wear under my top hat but that's optional and I probably can live without it. Probably.
  • Extreme Ero Lolita

  • If there ever is a place to wear this outfit, it's at the WGT. If I have the time and really only if I have the time, I will sew a short sleeved version of this blouse because with long sleeves I will sweat to death... I wish my boobs would still look this good! Damn you gravity!

  • The Vampire Doll

  • I never got around to take a good picture of it but you get the idea. She is a mentally degraded vampire, carrying around the heart of her first lover. This outfit is done. Nothing more to add.
  • Edwardian Dress for the Victorian Picnic

  • Things I need to sew for this outfit: dress, underskirt and an undershirt. *le sigh* That's the biggest project I need to finish.
I'm gonna leave it at this because this is already a horribly long blog post. Part 2 is going to follow soon. I promise. Why can I promise that? Because I'm a great procrastinator!

Are you going to the WGT this year? Or are you planning any other Lolita vacations/ events where you need an outfit? Tell me in the comments below!