Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Lolita Wardrobe Post 2014


We are skipping one day of the challenge to take a look at my wardrobe ^-^ Like last year I made a video, showcasing what's currently in my closet. It was a lot of work! It took me about 5 hours of filming and another 9 hours to edit. And it almost made me throw up... you will see why!

Let me tell you something! I started with the head dresses. Sitting on my office chair I put on one alice band after another and I span round and round and round in the same direction and after the 5th bow change I had to get up and lay on the floor because I almost vomited all over myself XD AND I WASN'T EVEN HALF DONE!... Originally I planned on filming all in one take but I had to space it out to two days because after I forced myself to finish up the dresses I was so done.

Filming the socks felt like a work-out. I was lying on my back for 40 minutes and hold my feet in the air. That can get really exhausting after a while ^-^ 

Did you do a wardrobe post/video this year? Leave me the link in the comments below. I would love to see it. And as a bonus jonas a gif of my awkward dancing!

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