Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for lolita

I'm sorry but I have to rant about my computer for a minute.

I've been using Ubuntu for years now, I think I started with version 10.4"Lucid Lynx“ in 2010 and never had more than the usual view kinks that you just have to work with. Yesterday, after I updated to 13.10 "Saucy Salamander" a view weeks ago, all hell broke loose! Dropbox stopped working and I can't get it to run again. The dashboard broke and didn't show any applications even though I already fixed that. The keyboard switched from German to English just because to fuck with me.
Sooo many issues! I never had that many problems with Ubuntu and I can't go back to 12.04 or 12.10 without ripping my netbooks heart and soul out ;___; poor bebi!

Anywho, the next thing on my meme-list is "10 songs that inspire you for Lolita" and I'm sorry to disappoint you but songs don't really inspire me for Lolita. I need music to create but not to get dressed ^-^

However, I do have a special treat for you. My 2 good friends and I are going to see Depeche Mode this February and the Official Fan Club is putting together a slide-show of fan pictures, so we got together yesterday and got shooting :D

Keep in mind that my gimp-skills are very limited and, like I mentioned above, my computer is not cooperating with me right now but here you go! Our entry for the slide show:

Don't look at it too closely. I know every bit that is wrong with it but I don't have the skills or the patience to fix it. This is the original picture btw:

Looking at them side by side makes me cringe XD Oh well, it's fine, it's fine! With my skill set it turned out super.

What is the last concert you went to? Tell me in the comments below!

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