Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

2014, let's do this!


It's 2014! Already 5 days in. I actually wanted to start out with a juice cleanse. That didn't work out XD On the 2nd day I broke because I had migraines from hell. Now I'm sick, the whole program with snot, throat pain, sweating and shivers. Not cool. And I'm the worst sick person there is. I like to complain a lot and just shower myself with pity. Luckily you are not the ones having to listen to it, my boyfriend has to and he hates it XD You are not getting away this time, honey buns, NEVER! MUHARHAR

Anywhooo... This year I actually have resolutions for the new year. Normally I avoid them like the devil avoids holy water. It just jinxes things... yes, I am extremely superstitious. That's why I don't have a Lolita dream dress list. I feel like once I put out that I want that dress, it's disappearing from the face of the earth, never to be found again.
Getting off track again. So, I have resolutions! I want to blog more, and I'm doing that right now, so that's a good start. I want to loose the arm jiggle and I already used the weights (guys... I bought weights... I shamed the my inner lazy person) that I bought, feeling good about that too. My Lolita closet has to grow, I need to stock up on blouses and cardigans and since I want to sew more too I'm gonna combine those two! Logical, right? Already bought some fabric because I want to make a new petticoat. That's long overdue.
What else, what else? Oh yes, I want to take more pictures of my outfits. Last year I bought this awesome DSLR camera and I never use it (that's not true, I use my Adelheid all the time). I'm not going to show you my OOTD today because I'm in my Batman PJs... or maybe I will. You know, that I am just kooky enough to do so.

Last but not least, to kick off the new year I want to do the 30 Day Lolita Meme again. This meme was popular 2 years ago and back then I did it on my original blog. Unfortunately it got lost when my blog was hacked and deleted. I always regretted that it didn't exist anymore. So I'm doing it again and you can't stop me :D Not doing the first day today, super tired from typing this. I'm still freaking sick. Blergh.

Also, those are my PJs ^-^

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