Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Who inspires you in Lolita

Good Morning everybody!

It's Nikolo day here in Austria. Traditionally St. Nikolaus (who is Santa Claus in many countries) brings nuts and oranges to the children. You have to put your shoes out over night and he stuffs it with stuff. I surprised my boyfriend by filling up his shoe with peanuts, satsumas and some fancy cinnamon chocolate :D

Anyhow, it's another Friday which means: Lolita Blog Carnival Day! WOOHOO!! Todays topic is "Who inspires you in Lolita fashion?". There are several people who inspire me when it comes to Lolita. One of them is Misako Aoki. She is just the cutest and so darn pretty.

Picture taken from her Twitter account.
She sometimes makes some bold fashion choices that I would not expect and that's what makes her so interesting.

Misako also introduced me to my 2nd inspiration: Katie! Katie has the most adorable pins and ribbons and buttons. They over all make some freaking cute adorable accessories.

Katie Rosette baby toys kids rosette
LOOK AT IIIIIT!! And they have some nice pin-up rosettes too! It's unfortunate that they don't ship overseas. Using a shopping service to buy a 2€ pin seems excessive.

Last but not least, what probably inspires me the most in Lolita fashion is: *insert drum roll* Lolita dresses! Just 3 weeks ago I got a new dress that I bought from CC without really thinking about it and it kick-started my love for the fashion all over again. It's really great when you have a dress that "talks" to you and inspires you to do all different kind of outfits.

If you want to see what else inspires me in Lolita fashion, check out my video:

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