Freitag, 8. November 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: How I got started in Lolita Fashion

HAHA! I finally did it! I am now part of the project "Lolita Blog Carnival". Oh, this will be so much fun ^-^YAY!!

Well, how you doin'?
Todays topic is "How I got started in Lolita Fashion".

*sigh* I hate to talk about it, you know? It's not a very nice story. It all started in 2007 when a very hurtful breakup from my best friend at the time made me want to hurt her just as bad as she hurt me. We have been very close for years and she was the one who introduced me to Lolita fashion. It was shortly after my 18th birthday when I voiced to her that I am suffering badly from abandonment issues and that I feel like I'm being left out. Unfortunately she made the grave mistake... and left me out. Not on purpose, I know that now but back then it broke my heart.

Out of basically pure hatred (I'm an Aries and a Snake, which is an unfortunate pairing because it makes me double headstrong and very shortsighted, once I enter rage-mode. Not that everybody is like that... but I am. I'm working on it though), I started to research Lolita Fashion. I wanted to become the bestest Lolita EVAR and just rub it in her face that I can do what she can't. Do you see why I don't like to tell this story? But it is what it is and I won't sugarcoat it.

After I signed up for Dunkelsüß in the summer of 2008, the German Lolita comm., I very quickly I realized that what I was wearing at the time, wasn't Lolita at all. NOT EVEN CLOSE! So I sewed my first JSK, white with a strawberry print and, TADA, my first Lolita outfit was created. It was pretty bad. Firstly because my sewing skills weren't that good yet, secondly because I had nothing but a JSK. No cute blouse, no socks, no shoes, no head bow. That outfit sucked! I'm not even sure I have a picture of it.

My second outfit was light blue and white, a babydoll OP. That one was SO MUCH WORSE!! Seriously... bad bad bad... Thinking back now, I am very glad that there are no pictures. The thought alone makes me cringe XD

Half a year later I'm in Paris, buying my first Baby, the stars shine bright velvet JSK and I was hooked! To this day I'm wearing it and it's very unlikely that I will ever part with it.

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