Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Want of the day!

Hey guise!

I think I will start this new segment called "want of the day". It's pretty self-explanatory ^-^ It's the thing that I want most for that day.

So, the first item is a pair of sunglasses. I saw them yesterday in one of the Tokio Fashion Streetsnaps.

ugh... aren't they gorgeous? I am totally in love with them. Just, how awesome are those glasses? The glasses are by a desigern called Ann-Sofie Back, she is from Sweden and she designed the glasses for her horror movie inspired show back in 2009. Since they are so "old" already, they are sold out everywhere. They also did cost around 300$, so totally out of my prize range XD

Unfortunately for me nobody ever made a knock-off of those glasses because they weren't popular enough but I want the original anyway so that wouldn't help me. I'm sure somebody somewhere would be willing to sell me those glasses but finding this particular person could take a while... ^-^

I like this segment. Hopefully you do too! Tell my your wants of the day down in the comments :D

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