Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Want of the day!

Hey guise!

I think I will start this new segment called "want of the day". It's pretty self-explanatory ^-^ It's the thing that I want most for that day.

So, the first item is a pair of sunglasses. I saw them yesterday in one of the Tokio Fashion Streetsnaps.

ugh... aren't they gorgeous? I am totally in love with them. Just, how awesome are those glasses? The glasses are by a desigern called Ann-Sofie Back, she is from Sweden and she designed the glasses for her horror movie inspired show back in 2009. Since they are so "old" already, they are sold out everywhere. They also did cost around 300$, so totally out of my prize range XD

Unfortunately for me nobody ever made a knock-off of those glasses because they weren't popular enough but I want the original anyway so that wouldn't help me. I'm sure somebody somewhere would be willing to sell me those glasses but finding this particular person could take a while... ^-^

I like this segment. Hopefully you do too! Tell my your wants of the day down in the comments :D

Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

About the Tea Party and keeping secrets

The last months have been PURE torture! As you may have seen, yesterday the society Gothic Lolita Austria announced the first Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna. Now, I have been part of this project since the beginning. I helped with the blog, I made the flyer and I'm the official Twitter-woman ^-^ and I am so proud to be part of this! That is why I wanted to tell everybody about it but I couldn't because it was a secret.

I'm just so, so freaking proud of what we managed to build from the ground that I wanted to jell it from the roof tops :D The hours and hours of work that went into planning this event and we are not even done yet. There are so many things more to do... We need to look for models, we need to think about seating situation and we need to manage the ticket sale, which is hopefully not going to be as though as I think it will be.

Anyhow, here are all the links you need if you want to visit our Event:
Lolita-Fashion Österreich Facebook-Page

Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Big Announcement!

Big Announcement!

Nothing much to say but this:
You find all the information about the tea party here:

Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Cake Pops Fail

Good afternoon miladies!

On this fine day I want to share with you how very much I failed at making cake pops XD

This is one of the more pretty cake pops I made. The rest, unfortunately, look a little... squished. Most of them fell apart when I tried to dip them in the couverture chocolate. I'm not sure if my method was wrong or if the balls where too big or if I didn't put the sticks deep enough into the cake mix. It was really frustrating :/ but I will probably try them again soon just to figure out what went wrong.

I got the recipe from this site: Honigkuchenpferd. The cake itself was super yummy, the cake pops (though smushed) were quite amazing too! Face-stuffingly-good! Damn, they were tasty...

Anyhow, did you ever try cake pops? Did you make them or did you buy them? Tell me in the comments below!