Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Exploiting Stereotypes

I had to go to court today Ö__Ö

You need to now the back story here, not all of it though. Yesterday afternoon my Mom called me and told me that she got a notification that there was a letter for me from court and that I had to go there immediately but since it was already past 2.30 PM the responsible official went home for the day. The court is just 5 minutes away from the boyfriends place so I decided I would just go there the next day, straight from his place.

I spend the rest of the day with the boyfriend, wondering what it all could be about because I had no idea whatsoever. But... not once did it cross my mind that I don't have any spare clothes at the boyfriends and that I would have to go in the clothes that I was wearing at that moment, which was a tots adorable and horrible inappropriate outfit for court!

It's messy in the background, I know. Deal with it XD

Anyhow, I couldn't sleep at all and at 7.30 AM the next day, so today, I called the court so see what it was all about and if the responsible official was already in. She wasn't. So I called an hour later and a super grumpy and intimidating woman answered the phone, who told me I could come over but she is only there until 12.

At that point it hit me for the first time. I had no spare clothes at the boyfriends. I would have to go in frills. WOW. It would take me at least 2 hours to get home, change and go to the court but since it was 9AM by now and they close at 12, I didn't want to risk anything, after all I had no idea if I had to wait for an hour or even longer and didn't make the time limit. I never was at a court. I had no idea what would happen!

So I went to the court, sick to my stomach, dizzy and ready to cry my eyes out.

And now we come to the point where I exploit a certain stereotype, which would be the one of a the poor little helpless girl. I'm not proud of it but if I ever have to go to court again I will SHAMELESSLY do it again because never in my life have people been so nice and helpful.

I thought they would all be grumpy old officials and what not but it seems like wearing frills and ugly crying helps like nothing else. I got offered tissues, a cup of coffee, they explained me where to go, where to find the judge who could help me with my plea... just... SO NICE! I mean, my day is still ruined and I will have to stuff my face with cake but those people, treating me so nice, did make it a little more bearable.

By the way, do you like my hat? It's supposed to be Finns hat from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake but I didn't have any white yarn and I added some ribbons for more kawaii-ness XD This is the pattern if you are interested.

I dearly hope your day is better than mine. Tell me about your horrible days in the comments. Let's share the agony!

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