Montag, 8. April 2013

All New And Shiny!

Well hello there, beautiful? Come here often? ^-^

As you can see... I redid the layout of my blog! *YAY* I've gotten kinda sick of it over the last month but redoing a blog layout is a pain in the butt. Especially with the Blogger Templates... A NIGHTMARE!

But now my blog is all new and shiny, only the header is still old and sucks. Creating a new header with no photoshop skills what so ever would cost me a lot of time and even more nerves so I'm pushing it further and further away from me. My excuse is a pretty good one though. The time is better spend on university stuff, which is true! ;-) [EDIT: Changed the header. Couldn't live with it. Only took an hour to make -.-]

What did I change?
Well, the background obviously. I also changed from the Blogger Minimal Template to the Designer Template whatsitsface... Picture Window. Now I can adjust width and stuff easier but I also have to live with the weird template defaults but that's alright :D Then I switched from "Text - Page Elements" to "Page Elements - Text" which looks really weird to me right now, I have to get used to that. I deleted the blog pages 'cos ain't nobody got time fo dat and swapped some of the widgets in the sidebar. The most imortant thing I did was adding an "About Me" widget. Now all the new readers (not that I have that many XD)) know who is writing all this horse crap they are reading... *lol* just kidding.

That's my new profile pic. Isn't that just adorable? Sometimes I can look really cute!

What do you think about the new layout. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Talk to me in the comments! What did you have for breakfast today? Do you even eat breakfast? You shouldn't skip it, you know ;-)

Anyhow, have a wonderful day!

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