Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Things that have happened!


in the last month I have been absent, for several reasons. It had to do with a Lolita secret that I got and some other stuff. BUT! I'm finally in the mood for writing again! I won't promise anything, maybe this mood will fade away soon but I sure hope not. The first thing I want to do is update you on some stuff that has happened in the last 9 month.

  • I moved. Yipp, I moved. From my home town Eisenstadt back to Vienna. I live with 2 girls and 2 cat, who hardly get so see me because I spend so much time with the boyfriend. If you want I show you my room in detail but at the moment take a look at this awesome window!

  • The boyfriend and I had our first anniversary, which is pretty special because I suck at relationships but it seems to work with this particular "booboo" ^-^ He is awesome! He got me the best Christmas present ever. Be jealous XD

  • Two new cameras are now living with me. Well, one is new, the other one is old but new to me. The boyfriend and I bought a DSLR cam. It's a Nikon D5100, an awesome camera for beginners and great for making videos (which I really like to do lately). The other one is a Canon EOS 300, an analog camera, you know, where you have to use film and have the pictures developed. Taking pictures with an analog camera confuses the shit out of people, it's truly hilarious! But I'm going to tell you all about it later.

  • I started writing an ebook. Two to be precise. It's always been a dream of mine to get published but since I suck at writing anything longer than a blogentry and getting published is a shitload of work that I'm not willed to do, it will probably never happen, which is fine because in the time and age of technology I can "publish" myself. Well, I doubt that I will ever let anybody read the rubbish I write but it feels so nice to put your own words on your kindle and it looks like a real book! To be honest, creating the style sheet so the writing looks like, is formatted to look like a real book was the most fun. No, that's not true. Creating the style sheet was a pain in the butt and took FOREVER but the end result is awesome! Oh yeah, btw, I got a kindle and I love it so much I don't leave the house without it.

I'm sure it happened a lot more than just those 4 things but I have all the time in the world to tell you about it :) How were your last 9 month? Anybody got pregnant? XD Tell me in the comments below, I want to hear all about it!

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