Samstag, 3. November 2012

Welcome to the Circus!

Well that's awkward ^^

I have been on a blogging break for the last months because of reasons but now I have these awesome pictures of me and I want to share them!

So, the Saturday before Halloween my friends hosted a Party and one of my friends owns an Aerial Hoop, also called Lyra. It's a hoop about the size of a hula hoop, made from steel and it hangs from the ceiling. You may have already seen it in a circus. I suck at it ^^ I'm the least sporty person EVAR and it didn't surprise me at all, that I didn't even get into the hoop without a lot of help XD Anyhow, I somehow got into the hoop (magic was involved) and that is what it looks like.

I also made a slide show, simply to save some space. I left out the picture above because all the other pictures are portrait format and including one landscape format picture into a slide show with 7 other portrait format pictures seemed stupid.


And I made a video about my outfit ^^

I hope you liked all of this. Have a nice day!

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