Freitag, 15. Juni 2012


Wooh... let me... let me just sit down for a minute or two...


So, I'm currently sitting in my kitchen, eating breakfast and watching Stargate because that's how I like to start my day ^^ While waiting for the water kettle to boil my water (it's sooo lame, you have no idea!) I thought, why not blog about my "work" a little? That's why I went upstairs to my room to get my camera and now, back in the kitchen, I feel exhausted... *caugh*... yeah, I'm still sick.

Now, not only do I absolutely dislike being sick, it actually started to make me worry if I will finish my work in time. I haven't talked about it yet but the Gothic Lolitas Austria (we are an official club, that's how cool we are :D) have been asked if we wanted to organize a fashion show at a convention on July 21st. Of course we want! Sounds awesome! I decided that it would be a great opportunity to show "the world" my new collection, inspired by Rorschach tests.

Being sick and feeling drained all the time I couldn't do much in the last few days but yesterday I was able to print the first print. It's my "Rorscull" ^^

It looked awesome! Unfortunately it's too high up on the skirt part so I had to do it again. And then this happened:

Too much water in the paint-water-mixture -.- Well, not to worry. A friend on Facebook messaged me, she wants that on a t-shirt, so it won't get to waste. WOOH! Great! But I still needed a skirt part with the Rorscull on it, preferable in the right spot, too. So I tried again:

What is earth? How did that happen? I don't even know. I'm doing a very unprofessional screen print method, so I have a stencil and something like that just shouldn't happen.

But it will work. Maybe I try it for a last time but that will have to wait. Now I have to put inkblots on sleeves ^^ Heck yeah!

I hope you are having a nice day! Enjoy your weekend and don't get sick!

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