Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Outfit Of The Day - hothothot

It's sooo hot... *melt*... it has 32°C at the moment and I had to pick up my little brother from daycare. I sure as hell don't want to leave the house but if I have to, not without my parasol!

Dress: Innocent World
Umbrella: Baby, the Stars shine bright
Shoes: Paladium

 My little bro was so cute today. We were walking home and he said: "I'm glad there are at least some shadows" and as I replied, that I'm carrying around my own mobile shadow, he looked at me like I was the greatest nutjob he ever met ^^ He was polite enough to say nothing but his face said it all. He would rather melt than carry a pink parasol with ruffles and lace on it with him :D

I hope you are not melting and work at a place with air conditioning that's not too cold. Have a nice day!

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