Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Oh yeah - more circle lenses!

Do you know what the hardest part about blogging is for me? Finding a good way to start the entry. I could spend hours thinking about it...

Anyhow, I ordered a new pair of circle lenses ^-^ The thing is, the last pair I ordered was quite dark and whenever my pupils widened (you see, my pupils think it's funny to make me look stoned from time to time), my eyes turned black. You couldn't see any of the colour and I didn't like how it looked.

So I ordered a pair of blue ones and they are amazing!

This are the ColourVUE Big Eye in Cool Blue. The colour is stunning. I'm in love with it. They have a diameter of 15mm. That's really big, I thought I wouldn't get them in ^^ I think they look pretty "natural", at least better than my other pair. I'm going to test them on the boyfriend today. He really doesn't like my Dolly Grey lenses and if he doesn't notice the new ones right away, it means that they do look less like lenses :D

What do you think of the lenses? Do you like the colour? Do you think they look super fake? I would love to hear your opinion on it!

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