Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

I went into the woods


Today I did something that I never do. I went outside and experienced Nature! (DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!) It was horrifying... no, it was actually quite fun ^^ The Boyfriend thought it would be nice to have a picnic, so we packed up enough food for about 10 people and went outside. In my hometown, Eisenstadt, we have a really lovely park, the former castle ground of the prince Esterhazy. It's really pretty and if you walk deeper into the park, there are some nice shadowy glades, which are perfect for a picnic.

We had some sammiches, fruit salad, normal salad, muesli bars, chocolate bars, bananas, bell peppers, nut stollen... yeah, like I said, enough for 10 people ^^ I'm glad the boyfriend "eats like a horse" (I'm so sorry Schatzi, that's the English equivalent for "Scheunendrescher" :/)

 The boyfriend looks so tan next to me. It's amazing... especially because I got some sun and, at the moment, I'm tan for my standards.

And then, this bitchy red ant decided to attack me -.-

You can't even see it but it itched like crazy! I'm used to itchy because of the super awesome rashes I have all the time but that was something else. It really hurt :(

Fortunately chocolate can heal almost anything and after some bites of creamy deliciousness it was all good again. YAY!

What did you do this Sunday? Anything fun? Tell me in the comments below.


  1. Boah picknick lecker! klingt lustig - bis auf die Ameisen :(
    Wir waren einen Sprung am donauinselfest. sind dann in den regen gekommen und Haben den Abend mit stirb langsam ausklingen lassen XD

    1. Regen klingt nicht nett. Stirb langsam schon ^-^

      Übriges, wenn du vom App aus kommentierst erscheint das Kommentar nicht im Blog. Nur so zur Info ;)