Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

How to fake short hair

Hello Ladies!

My hair at the moment is a little too long for my liking but I can't get myself to go to the hairdresser because, really, I dislike doing that so much ;D Hairdresser are scary! They can totally change the way you look and if you don't like it, you have to deal with it for as long as your hair needs to grow. For me that's about 3 month :/

So, I want my hair shorter but I don't want to cut it. What can I do about that? I can fake short hair! YAY

I don't want to say I curled my hair, because all I did was put 7 hair rollers in and it didn't even look good, just messy but that's perfect for the look. So, with pre-curled hair, I take two strands from the front and cross them on the back of my head. I secure it with one bobby pin where the two strands meet. That's the hard part. Now for the easy one. Part the rest of the hair in the middle, grab one side and roll it up against your head. Take some bobby pins and secure it. I took 2 for each side, so 4 all together. Repeat with the other side. That's all. If you want you can use some hairspray. Or a lot ^^ That's what I did!

It's simple, it looks cute and it gets my hair out of my sweaty neck. That's what makes it the perfect hair do for the summer :D

As always, if you have any questions or requests for hair tutorials, feel free to leave me a comment! Have a nice day!

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