Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Crazy Lenses!

Hello Ladies!

This Saturday is the next "Schwarzer Reigen" gothic prom and about a week ago it came to me that I need white lenses for my outfit ^^ At first I didn't take it too serious, it was just one of those ideas that spin around my head, in the middle of the night when I'm watching documentaries to pass the time XD

But the next day the idea was still there, I did some research and actually found an Austrian site that sells all kind of lenses, among others white lenses:

This are the ColourVUE Crazy Lense in "WhiteOut". They are not "dioptric adjusted". So if you usually wear glasses, the lenses won't help you see. Also, you shouldn't drive your car when you are wearing them. Well, I "see" why they put that on the package but I don't think it's a problem. Your vision gets a little blurry on the outside but it's not too bad.

Already ordering a pair of lenses I decided another one wouldn't hurt and I wanted circle lenses for quite a while now. This are the ColourVUE Big Eyes in "Dolly Black". They do come "dioptric adjusted" up to -8.00. That's pretty good I think.

I never wore lenses in my life before and since I ordered the lenses online, there was no one that could give me a lesson on how to put in lenses. That's why I looked at tutorials on youtube. There are some really good tutorials from professionals, who know what they are talking about. It's actually not that difficult to put them it, you just have to get over the fact that you put something in your eye. My eyelids were uncontrollably twitching. It was really bad but it worked out in the end.

The lenses are uncomfortable in the beginning, it feels like there is something in your eye (duh... because there is something in your eye) but you get over it quite fast once you got used to wearing lenses. From time to time it feels like the lenses are about to pop out of my eye but they are not. I even had a hard time getting them out. Maybe I'm paranoid but my eyes feel a little dry and I'm constantly using eye drops. If you are wearing lenses, tell me if you feel the same and if that is normal.

If you want to order circle lenses I highly recommend you to get the ColourVUE Big Eyes. You only have one pair of eyes and you need to take care of them. Ordering and wearing cheep lenses from Korea or China can harm your eyes. I don't want that happening to you!

Do you wear lenses, especially circle lenses? Do you like the way they make you look? I'm not sure if I like the circle lenses. They creep my out ^^ I rather wear the WhiteOuts than the Dolly Blacks!

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