Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

To bo or not to be...

ATTENTION! If you are easily grossed out or if you are a sensitive person, you might not want to read this blog entry! You have been warned. Yes, I'm serious about that. I really really mean it!

So, moving on.

Hello Ladies ^^

You probably know that I'm in love with my Lolita community because we have very nice, caring people and almost no drama :D Another thing would be that, for birthdays, we manage to mobilize quite a big amount of money. It's not unusual for our community to pool money and buy the birthday kid a dress from Closet Child or something similar expensive.

Long story short: We give awesome presents! And yesterday I got my very amazing present.

It's a cat skull. Yes. A cat skull. I wanted one for quite some time now because I think they are amazing and beautiful and very inspirational for me. It's so pretty *____*

The skull, I don't know if it is female or male, still needs a name. Edward sounds nice, I really love that name but Stephenie Meyer ruined that for me, you know, with all the sparkling and such. Maybe I call him Abraham, since I'm obsessed with the book "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter".

What would you call your cat skull? XD Tell me in the comments below!

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