Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Oh lazyness...

I am currently lying in bed, with a headache and a weak stomach, because yesterday I went out to celebrate my not-birthday and I was stupid enough to drink 4 cocktails and 1 long drink in 2 hours ^^ Drink responsibly, kids. Don't be stupid like I am! That amount of alcohol in that amount of time is just ridiculous and with 23 I should know better but apparently I don't... (btw, I regret NOTHING XD)
What was it I wanted to write about...? Oh yes! I celebrated my not-birthday (my birthday was a month ago but somehow it took that long to find a date that was a fit for most of my friends and since my birthday was so long ago I didn't want to call it a birthday party) and I had the biggest trouble to find an outfit. As always. I had an outfit in my head but unfortunately the dress to that outfit is still a piece of fabric ^^

In January I ordered a pair of socks and some fabric to match the socks but then the fabric order was delayed and I didn't get it until the beginning of April. When I finally got the fabric it turned out that the fabric didn't match the socks at all.

It doesn't look that horrible in the picture but the colours really don't match. The white stripes in the socks are grey-ish and it just doesn't work, which angers me because I want it to work. The outfit I imagine looks sooo sweet!

The socks still have the tag on and the little clip that keeps the toe part together. I didn't even try them on yet :/ There is nothing in my closet that would work with those socks but I don't want to give them away because after all I'm hoping it looks good in the end...

Being the realistic optimist that I am (<== which means I'm a pessimist but it sounds less negative), I don't want to start sewing the dress because it would disappoint me so hard if it turns out the way I think it will turn out, miserably looking and mismatched :/

And also... my room is messy and before I could start sewing I would have to clean it. I really don't want to do that ^^

So tell me, how do you react to outfits that don't turn out the way you want them to? Do you get annoyed and angry like me? Or do you shrug it off?

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