Freitag, 6. April 2012

How to twinklify

Hello Ladies!

So, yesterday I told you about my addiction to rhinestones and today I want to tell you how I did my glasses.

At the Emilie Autumn concert a girl said to me that she didn't recognize me because I wasn't wearing my heart shaped glasses. I think it's cool that the glasses kind of became my thing and that people connect them to me. That's something I really like ^^

The glasses I wear in the picture above are sunglasses and I removed the glass because I never wore those as sunglasses. I didn't have enough red rhinestones to cover the entire frame so I ended up using little black plastic bows, which are usually used for nail art.

 If you want glasses that look more like real glasses, you can get them online (ebay or amazon) or at H&M in the mens department. That's where I got mine but they were a bit pricey.

You will need:
- 1 pair of glasses (duh...)
- about 200 to 300 rhinestones (3mm in diameter)
- rhinestone glue (You get that on amazon too if you can't find it at your local craft store. The "E6000" glue works really well. I wouldn't recommend superglue tough)
- something to pick up the rhinestones (tweezers work but I prefer a nail art dotting tool, I talk about that later)
- and about 1 hour to twinklify :D

To pick up the rhinestones I use a nail art dotting tool. Mine is from essence and I got it for maybe 2€.  I cover the tip with kneadable eraser because the eraser is sticky, so it picks up the rhinestones, but it's not too sticky that it wouldn't let go of the rhinestone (Patafix works too). You don't have to use a dotting tool, you could use a pencil, a brush, a knitting needle, etc.

There is really no right or wrong way to glue on the stones but I have some useful tips for you: If you want plastic parts on your glasses, like the little bows I used, glue them on first and work your way around them with the rhinestones. Don't cover the entire frame with glue at once, it will dry before you can place all the stones. Place the stones so they don't go over the edge into the your field of vision. It's really annoying if you have something sparkly distracting you. Leave out the temple stem and the nose pad, your hair will get caught in the stones on the temple and rhinestones on the nose pad would be really uncomfortable. That's about it!

About the rhinestones: I find the ones with 3mm in diameter work best, the have the perfect size. The backs have to be flat, otherwise you can't glue them on (duh... again ^^). I ordered my rhinestones and pearls from Fullmoon. You get 400 piece for 1$, which is a real good deal. She also has cabochons for nail art or deco projects. However, Sophie&Toffee has a greater colour range. It's also a bit more pricey.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I hope you have fun twinklifying your glasses!

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