Freitag, 9. März 2012

A small accident and my guilty pleasure

Hey guys!

Today I went out grocery shopping and normally I would just put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but today I felt like Lolita. My new jacket is so awesome I want to wear it all the time XD You know the feeling, don't you? ^^

Skirt, Jacket: Oh lala
Socks: Secret Shop (they have a cute knitted pattern)
Cutsew: Baby

So, I drove to the mall and walked into the drugstore. When I walked in, from the corner of my eye I saw this old lady passing me by. She was obviously staring at me, she didn't even try to hide it. I didn't mind it, went straight to the aisle I needed when I heard this weird metallic bang behind me. The lady drove her shopping cart in one of the boxes outside the store with shampoo or shower gel in it ^^ She didn't accidentally hit it when she tried to go around it, no, it was a full on collision! I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn't laugh out loud. I mean, I heard of car accidents because the driver stared at a Lolita but car accidents can be really sucky and not funny. This was HILARIOUS! The look on her face... I really wish y'all could have seen it!

It must have been quiet a loud bang because I heard it even though I had my headphones on ^^ at the moment I'm addicted to Big Bangs new album "Alive" and I listen to it all the time. Big Bang is a Korean pop band and my guilty pleasure. I'm not into pop but there is something about Big Bang that I really enjoy... well... it's T.O.P ^^ I enjoy T.O.P! He is a band member and he is hot. There are normal people, sexy people and then there is T.O.P all above them! He has this eyebrow thing going on... *insert Homer-Simpson-drooling here*
Anyhow, I made a playlist with the new songs. You can listen to it if you want to! Big Bang is a good band to start with kpop because they sound very western and they don't have that obvious Asian sound like most of the kpop or jpop bands.

If you have the time to listen to the playlist, tell me what you think about it in the comments. Also, I want to hear your funny Lolita-related stories so feel free to leave it down below!

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