Donnerstag, 8. März 2012


I can't sleep. Well that's not true, I'm simply unable to fall asleep. So I decided to read some forum entries on Dunkelsüß. One discussion was especially interesting to me: "Animal ears with Lolita?".

Now, when I started Lolita, wearing animal ears with Lolita was one of the biggest no-goes. Instate of wearing something like that you simply could have tattooed "ita" on your forehead. Since then a lot has changed. Angelic Pretty released several items, blouses, hoodies, headbands, with animal ears. Harlyharlekin uploaded a great picture on Dunkelsüß, wearing a hat with bear ears.

Though I own a beanie and several hoodies with cat ears, I would never wear them with Lolita. I wouldn't feel comfortable in it. (Also, my Emily the Strange stuff doesn't mix well with my Lolita clothes ^^)
Another no-go was non-natural coloured hair. Only Cosplay-Lolitas were wearing pink wigs. I remember that I felt very weird when I wore my pink wig with a Lolita co-ordinate for the first time. Also, I felt the need to justify my decision to wear a pink wig. Then the OTT-Lolita-movement came along and at the moment it seems like the trend goes back from pastel coloured wigs to natural coloured wigs.

Fashion will always "improve itself", also Lolita fashion even though we love our "rules" and some of us will be sceptical. That's the beauty about it. It dares us to be daring :D

What is one thing you never thought would ever happen in Lolita fashion? Tell me in the comments below! To be honest, I never thought someone would wear animal ears to a co-ordinate and it's very unlikely that I will ever wear some.

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