Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

I got tagged!

*yay* I got tagged :D

The rules:
-Link the person who tagged you.
-Answer the questions.
-Tag 11 other people.
-Ask the tagged ones 11 questions.
-Inform the tagged people.

I got tagged my Mara. Thank you very much!

1.) What's your favourite flavour?
 The first thing I thought about was drinks, funnily enough ^^ So, I guess my favourite flavour is orange.

2.) What's your dream destination to travel to?

3.) Do you wear nailpolish?
 Not on a regular basis. I rather not wear it.

4.) What would you take with you on a lonely island?
 My netbook incl. WLAN, my sewing machine incl. fabric and sun blocker (yeah, I cheated a little there!)

5.) Your favourite weather?
Spring weather

6.) Which characteristic do you wish for?
I have no idea. I wish I was less socially awkward but I guess that's my charm ^^ I wish I was less self centered (when it comes to blogging) but I find it hard to blog about other people than me just because I'm not sure they want to be mentioned :/

7.) Sunshine or shadow?

8.) Can you keep a secret?
I can't tell you. It's a secret ^^

9.) Do you have an idol? If yes, who and why?
Why yes I do. Emilie Autumn, because she plays the violin like a goddess!

10.) What's your favourite piece of clothing?
 At the moment the sweater I sewed myself ^^

I am in fact unable to take non-blurry pictures -.-
11.) Is the world going to end this year?
No and I can tell you why. The Mayans had several methods to count time, one of them for very long periods, the "Long Count Calender": one Day is a K'in, 20 days are a called Winal, 18 Winals are a Tun (about one year), 20 Tuns are a K'atun and 20 K'atuns are one B'ak'tun. So year one, day one would look like this: (0 B'ak'tun, 0 K'atun, 0 Tun, 0 Winal, 0 K'in). If you do the math and keep on counting Dec 21st 2012 looks like this:
The Mayan calender starts a new B'ak'tun! YAY! And that's not scary, because the last time that happened... nothing happened! It was on September 18th 1618 btw :D

I tag: Lulu Brokoli, Mini Mo, Elyon, Yuki-chan and Jana-Ellena I wanted to tag Pikku Mansikka too but she already got tagged :D

My 11 questions are:
1. What's your favourite way to dress on a normal day?
2. What's your favourite Lolita style?
3. If you had to shop at one store for the rest of your life, what store would it be? (We are talking about clothes here)
4. What's one thing about you that you love?
5. SciFi or Fantasy?
6. Would you ever buy yourself a Kindle? Would you use it if someone gave it to you as a present?
7. What do you think about Sphynx cats? (Naked kittens :D)
8. Which season of the year do you prefer?
9. Is there a band or musician that you have been loyal for years?
10. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
11. Sweet or Salty?

I wrote this blog entry a while ago and then I somehow forgot about it :/ I'm sorry my blog is so boring at the moment. My life is boring since I moved to my home town *cough* leper colony *cough* but I hope it gets better now that University started! YAY education ^^

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