Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

Girls Problems

I could cry... I ruined my epic platform shoes yesterday. I only wore them out 3 times and now the buckle broke! This shouldn't bother me that much. They are just shoes... But I love those shoes! Ah well, f*ck it.

Skirt, Hoody, Headdress: Ohlala Couture
Blouse: Orsay
Stockings: H&M (Kids department and altered like this)

Oh and I had a nice conversation when I waited for my friend. 3 guys went past me when I got out of the car and stopped to ask me why I'm dresses like I was.
Guys: "Special event?"
me: "no"
"Costume party?"
"Late Halloween?"
"Theme party?"
"You always run around like this?"
"Great! We need a singer for our band. Can you sing?"
Now that I think about it, it's a shame that I said no. Well, I really can't sing but it would be fun to check it out ^^

Talking about "checking it out". I meet my friends friends today (XD) and I want to leave a good first impression which really stresses me because firstly, I'm socially awkward and secondly, I dress odd. First impressions are formed within seconds and a great deal depends on if we like what the other person looks like :/ Soo... once again, I have no idea what I should wear ^^ And my friend is not helpful at all. He said I should keep it casual but my "casual" is still very frilly. Why am I a girl? Couldn't I be a boy? As a boy I could just throw on jeans and a shirt and it would be fine... on the other hand, if I was a boy, I would be the greatest drag queen in history and probably had the same problems as now XD

Have a nice day <3

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