Samstag, 24. März 2012

Being a Lolitas boyfriend!

In October last year I wrote a blog entry about what to wear on a first date. I want to continue this mini series and now write about what the Lolita boyfriend has to expect ^^

The idea to do this hit me when I was walking trough the Schönbrunn castle grounds. There are always a lot of tourists and when I saw the first with a camera in his hand, it came to me that it is not normal for normal people that tourists want to take pictures with/of them.

Schönbrunn is so pretty ♥___

So, what does a Lolita boyfriend have to expect?

The most obvious thing would be the stares. You, personally, may not notice any longer the way people stare at you but your boyfriend probably will (not if you two are head over heels in love and he has only eyes for you but sooner or later he will be aware of it ^^). I'm lucky enough that none of my boyfriends ever cared about it but it makes my Mom very uncomfortable, so go easy on your boyfriend if he ever voices misgivings. It may helps if you tell him that you don't mind or you could offer to dress a little more casual if it would make him feel more comfortable.

Another thing, like I already mentioned,  would be that tourists like to take pictures of Lolitas. It's not a big deal, just tell your boyfriend that it is possible, otherwise it may irritate him ^^

And for gods sake, don't ware a full on OTT outfit on a special anniversary! XD Lolitas are hard to undress and after the first few layers your guy will get annoyed and upset ^^

I don't want to give any relationship advise, I'm completely the wrong person for something like that but, generally, your boyfriend should accept you for who you are, no matter how frilly you dress. On the other hand, you should give your guy some credit that he can take all the crazy inside your closet and your head... or maybe that's just the case with me :D

Have a nice weekend!

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