Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Shirring misused!

I was at the cinema yesterday to watch "Ghost Rider 2". It was a per-premiere, a preview, sponsored by the magazine Sometimes it's really great to have nerd friends because nerd friends get tickets to previews :D

Anyways, the friend I went with wasn't all well and when we came home he had to take some cough medicine. Look what he did with the package:

He misused my shirring! Men are so stupid... though it's pretty funny XD but this was stupid non the less *giggle* he can be glad, that I like stupid jokes!

Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Cutsews and Knitwear

Hello Ladies!

Today I want to talk about cutsews and knitwear. There are 6 different types of fabrics. The most common one is woven fabric but cutsews are made out of the second most comment fabric: knitwear. The difference is woven fabric "emerges from crossing two thread systems at an right angle" and knitwear "consists of thread loops, made out of one or more threads, that are locked into each other"... well, woven fabric is woven and knitwear is knitted ^^

Knitwear is much more flexible because of all the thread loops. They are all connected and if one end needs more thread, the loops get bigger at that end and smaller at the other. The problem is, because the loops are all connected, if the thread rips somewhere in the fabric it can unravel itself much easier and you get a ladder like in a stocking or a tight.

There are some things you need to keep in mind if you work with knitwear. The stitch of your sewing machine needs to be flexible. Otherwise the seam will rip if the fabric stretches. The best way to sew cutsews is with an overlock but if you don't have one, that's fine. It will work with a normal sewing machine too. It's also a good thing to get a "jersey needle" for your sewing machine. Normal needles have a "apex" which means the needle pierces right through the fabric but that could damage the threads and you don't want that if you work with knitwear. "Jersey needles" have a ball point which pushes the thread aside. (btw, my teachers would be so proud that I remember all these things. I have so much useless, unused knowledge in my head XD)

For the pattern I took an old t-shirt apart. I folded the pieces in half and shortened them to the length I wanted.

For the sleeve I added some width at the top and bottom (sleeve head and sleeve hem) so I have a puffy sleeve. Fun fact: it's only a "puffy sleeve" if the sleeve is ruffled at both sides (head and hem). If the sleeve is only ruffled at the top it's called a "gigot sleeve" (german: Schinkenärmel... yeah I'm serious about that!)

Because knitwear, thin jersey especially, is so stretchy you need to a strip of extra fabric to support the shoulder seam. It needs to be as long as the shoulder and about 3cm wide. The long side should be the less stretchy side, which is mostly in warp direction.

You close the shoulder seam, pin the extra fabric folded in half lengthwise to the back and sew along the shoulder seam again (from the front of course otherwise, you don't see where you need to sew ^^)

Bias tape is a good way to close the neckline and the sleeve hem. Bias tape is so easy to make, just a little time consuming. You cut the fabric in a 45° angle 3 to 4cm wide. If you have a tape maker ironing the strips will be even easier but you don't necessarily need one.

I'm sorry, I forgot to take pictures of how to sew on the bias tape :/ but this is a very good tutorial (though I don't like how they make the tape.)

And this is what my finished cutsew looks like

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to explain it to you :D

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012


Every Lolita knows what "bloomers" are and most of us feel uncomfortable leaving the house without bloomers under our skirts but where do bloomers come from?

Bloomers, popularized by Amelia Bloomer in the early 1850, were originally baggy pants narrowing to a cuff at the ankles. They should "preserve Victorian decency" but give the ladies more legroom (legroom is actually a word, no matter how stupid it sounds ^^). Hardly any woman at that time wore bloomers, they were not socially accepted and made fun off.
In the late 19th century they became shorter and were worn for sports by women only. When it become respectable for women to wear pants and shorts, around 1930, bloomers became less and less common. Some schools had them as part of their sport uniforms until 1980 and in Japan their use persisted into the early 2000s. Well, as sport pants.

Today I found an item on etsy that made me laugh out loud! (*lol* in real life!)

It's a "Ruffle Butt Diaper Cover Bloomer" for babies. I sew bloomers for grown woman that look exactly the same! In fact, my favorite bloomers look like that. They are mint with white stripes and have white and baby pink lace on the bum :D I don't know why this amuses me so much but it does ^^

I hope you are having an amazing day!

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

My Heart

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm not a fan of Valentines Day since it's only there so we spend money on stuff we don't need and to make those, who are alone, feel miserable.

 But it's also a good opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and you, my dear readers, are very important to me. That's why I want to give you my heart ^^

You have one week to leave a comment down below and I will pick one random person who gets my heart. It won't be the heart alone, I will make something out of this heart that I crocheted.

Have a nice day <3

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Snow Princess

It's freaking cold in Austria, so what is the best thing to do?

Get out in the snow, in a light summer dress, and take some pictures ^^ I hope you like them!

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012


I'm back from my vacation in Bremen and originally I wanted to blog every day and keep you updated on my outfits and what we were doing but then I decided to simply enjoy my trip and blog about it when I get home.

As you may or may not know, I hate flying. It's high up in the air, in a small space and I have no control over what is going to happen. That makes me pretty uneasy (<== understatement of the century) but over all the flight was okay. At least I didn't throw up.

Jules and I planned the whole weekend and in the end we decided to stay home and be lazy XD We didn't see each other for over 2 years and we just enjoyed each others company. You have to know, we are pretty close even though we live soooo far apart.

Friday outfit
at the mudflat
Jules and me
On Sunday we drove up to the mudflat and had a look at the sea ^^ Afterwards we visited Jules Korean friends (at the moment Jules is learning the Korean language since Japaneses only became boring ^^ she is talented when it comes to languages!). Her Korean friends loved me! Why? Because I look so European and my skin is so pale :D They called my "princess" which was weird for me. I'm not a princess, I'm a normal person :( Also the fact, that I traveled around Europe seemed to impress them, which is really not a big deal for me. The girls cooked for us and they said, they made the food extra mild for me and still I couldn't eat it without almost dying ^^ IT WAS SO SPICY!

I had a really great time in Bremen and I wish I could spend more time with Jules. I even thought about moving up to Bremen but I would miss my family too much :(

How was your weekend? Tell me in the comments!

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Sewing Utensils

Hello Ladies!

As you may know, I'm a professional seamstress and today I want to give the other sewing Lolitas some tips.

Some time ago I ordered a cutting wheel. A cutting wheel is especially convenient if you are cutting slippery fabric like Chiffon or lining material. The problem with cutting those materials is that if you try to cut them with scissors, the fabric slides all over the place and you don't get a sharp and straight edge.

I would recommend a cutting wheel not only for slippery material but also for thin cotton. It's really easy to handle and you get a perfectly straight cut edge.

The next thing is, and I heard that in my first workshop lesson, don't roll up your measuring tape! Store it loose with your other stuff.

I know it takes up a lot of space but if you roll it up, it will at some point make the tape porous. It ruins the measuring tape quite quickly.

 Now to something very important, your sewing machine. Keep your machine clean. Try to cover it up if you don't use it, clean it once in a while with a paintbrush and oil it at least once a year. You can look up where the oil needs to go in the instruction manual.

Whenever the seam seems uneven, like the individual stitches are not the same length, first check if the thread is running correctly trough the machine. If it's not the thread, check the needle. The needle can seem perfectly fine but still cause the problem. Change it and you will see the difference.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me :D