Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Travel Bug

I have the travel bug... bad! My feet are itching to go to Paris.

Paris is one of my favourite cities and I would love to go there this year. Last year I didn't have time to visit the Japan Expo and I since I got sick, I couldn't do the whole tourist thingy I wanted to. The only problem is that probably nobody wants to go with me, again, and I don't want to travel alone.

My strategy to get rid of the travel bug actually made it worse XD I looked at Lolita items with Paris or France themed prints. Yeah, that really didn't help. Here are some of the things I found:

Row 1: both Baby, the stars shine bright (Paris Window JSK, Paris Princess Drop JSK)
Row 2: Angelic Pretty (French Cafe OP), Rare Editions (Paris Print Dress)
Row 3: Angelic Pretty (Mode Girl JSK and print close up)
Row 4: Angelic Pretty (Magical Etoile JSK and print close up)
Row 5: Angelic Pretty (Magical Etoile headband and close up)
Row 6: both Angelic Pretty (Fantastic Dolly socks, Magical Etoile socks)

I had the biggest face-palm-moment when I realised, I didn't think about FRENCH cafe at all. I mean, it's "in your face"-franc-themed and it didn't come to my mind until the end of my search! Also, it feels like there should be a lot more dresses with the Eiffel Tower on it (from Innocent World and Metamorphose) but I'm overlooking them.

Oh well, I'm going to drown my sorrow in work now and try to not google flights to Paris. They are way to cheap at the moment and that breaks my heart!

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  1. I'm waiting for you here in Paris ;) I'm here till the end of june.