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I want to tell you something about me. I'm not a patient person. Not at all :D
If I want something, I want it bad and most of all I want it N-A-O-W! (<== I know how to spell "now", "N-A-O-W" just sounds more urgent ^^)

Yesterday evening I suddenly felt the very powerful need to colour my hair "mint". the problem is, my hair is black (and red but getting rid of the red is not that big of a problem) and in order to dye my hair mint, I need to bleach it. Bleaching black hair is a pain in the ruffle butt. You can't do it at once. It take at least 2-3 times and it damages the hair pretty badly.
Still, mint hair would look so awesome!

Confessions of a female Drag Queen
When I started with Lolita a bit over 3 years ago, I had dyed my hair brown. It was a bit darker and prettier than my natural mousy grey.

Last October I decided to dye my hair black again. I had black hair when I was 16 or 17. Before that it was red, brown, orangy-red, blond... At some point I had green bangs but I can't remember when.
So, black hair, but I didn't go for all black but for black with grey highlights.

I'm still in love with this combination. Grey hair is super sexy ^^ You may guessed it, I have a weird fable for grey hair!
After Lady Gagas music video"Edge Of Glory" came out I wanted my hair like hers:

Did not work out so well:

A week later I coloured the fringe black again. The blond made my face look elongated and just weird. This is what it looked like with the black fringe:

I really liked how it looked, especially when I curled my hair and the orangy-brown colour came through.
At the moment my hair is red at the roots, black at the top and red underneath. When I dyed my hair red this summer, I didn't care about the black. The hairline with the "un-coloured" hair soaked up the red, the black from before stayed black and the bleached hair underneath got the same nice red colour as the roots.

Now, 4,5 month and another package of red hair dye later, my hair looks even more red than in this picture. The black is growing out and I replace it with red.

Back to the mint hair. If I want mint hair, I need light blond hair and no hairdresser in my city (I actually asked 5 of them...) wants to bleach it. One said I should go back to brown and wait until the black has grown out of it completely. Bleaching brown hair isn't a problem at all. The only problem is, it would take maybe about another 6 month until the black is gone and I want the mint hair colour N-A-O-W!
I could start washing my hair with cleansing shampoo or use a hair colour remover but it would still take forever (at least a month) and like I said in the beginning, I'm not a very patient person. Well, I guess, I will stay red for now...

Sorry for this long and not Lolita related post but at least I'm blogging, right? :D

Tell my about your hair in the comments. Do you dye it? Do you like to change it out all the time? Or do you stay with one colour?

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