Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

How to travel in Lolita

Hello Ladies!

Next Thursday I'm going to Bremen to visit a very close Friend of mine. I haven't seen Jules in more than 2 years and you have no idea how much I missed her.

Anyways, I'm going to wear Lolita only during my stay in Bremen. Jules and I met because she complimented me on my outfit. She was new at my school and she said, she was afraid to talk to me because I looked so perfect ^^ Jules has this crazy ideas about Lolitas, for instance she "believes" that Lolitas don't really eat, we just pretend to so other people don't feel uncomfortable or suspect that we don't eat. She and I had so much fun making up stupid stuff about Lolitas. Lolitas also don't sweat... oh how I wish that was true.

Anyhow (I'm so distracted today), traveling as a Lolita or in Lolita is a little more complicated than traveling as a normal person. When I was younger, I would just pack whatever I felt like wearing and that's it but now that I'm a Lolita and I spend way too much time thinking about co-ordinates, I can't do that any longer. If I packed whatever I felt like wearing, I probably would end up with several incomplete outfits, maybe with 5 skirts, 3 dresses and only 2 blouses ^^ Also, my suitcase would weigh way too much. For Paris my suitcase was around 19 kilo heavy :D I packed one complete outfit for every day, including extra wigs, shoes and bags.

So how do you save space in your suitcase and keep it as lite as possible?
-Plan one outfit for every day.  That way you don't pack anything you don't need. I know that sounds ridiculous and like some strange obsessional neurosis but it will help you.

-Stay within one style or with one colour. If you want to wear sweet and gothic, you have to bring twice as my accessories. However, if you are going for bitter-sweet (which is sweet Lolita with black dresses) and gothic, that's not a problem because you can basically wear the same shoes or bags with it.

-Match your outfits to your shoes. That's similar to the point above. For Bremen I will try to match my outfits to one pair of shoes, so I don't have to bring an extra pair of shoes. Also, I only have one pair of comfortable boots ^^ and since I want to enjoy my trip, I want to avoid blisters.

-Either wear your petticoat or put your petticoat in your handluggage. That way you save A LOT of space in your suitcase :D If you own a "super gorgeous" petticoat (Closetchild names its petticoats "super gorgeous" and that amuses me), I would put the petticoat into the handluggage, because you will probably need to take it off at the airport and plane seats are small. (Fun Fact: Both times I flew back from Paris, I had to take off my clothes from them. I guess, I'm so hot the French airport security manipulates the metal detector so they can see me in my underwear XD <== I'm obviously joking)

I hope that was helpful for you. Can you think of any other helpful tips? If so, share them in the comments below.

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