Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

How dare you?

There is a facebook group for Austrian Lolitas only. Today in this group someone asked if he was the only one who felt like a second class Lolita because he didn't wear brand only. This discussion got out of control.

 First all the Lolitas I know tried to explain, that, even though they prefer brand, they hardly ever wear brand only, that they have many "offbrand" outfits and that nobody would ever treat you differently because you don't wear brand only (I should know, since I wear a lot of home made items).
This lead to "brand isn't all that good, you only pay the name" (which is partly true but with every "brand" in the world, not only Lolita brands). I'm a professional seamstress, I had 5 years of training. I can tell you, brands like Baby, the stars shine bright, Angelic Pretty and Innocent World are quality wise better than Bodyline or replicas (clothes, not shoes). Of course there are some addled eggs, products that aren't as well made as the rest, but over all I can say that brand is better than offbrand. Why? Because they have more money and they don't have to produce on a very low budget.

Unfortunately, you can't defend brand without being called a "brandwhore". The word "whore" is, in my opinion, offensive. I don't like being called a brandwhore, even if it was true (I wouldn't call myself a brandanything, although do wear a lot of brand in the last time...). The girl who called all my friends "brandwhores" and clearly meant it in an offensive way, said it was sarcasm and we are all stupid because we obviously can't read. I'm not making that up, she actually said that. She also said that Duplica, the first Lolita in Austria, didn't know anything about the fashion (I'm still not making that up) and she knows it better (which she didn't, only a small part she said was right). That's disrespectful. Duplica does A LOT, really a ton of work, for the Lolita community in Austria. There would be no Lolita community in Austria if it wasn't for Duplica so you better show some respect. Also if you want to have an argument with a specialist (and someone who has been in the scene for a decade is in my eyes a specialist) you better do your research. I learned that maxim the hard way. I told my history teacher, she was wrong. Well, she was right and I never got an "A" in her class ever again.

That argument was now about 150 comments long. At that point another girl decided to say that this whole discussion is stupid and all the girls commenting here have no life. Why would you do that? That's not a smart thing to do and it makes you come across like an a-hole. Needless to say, it completely got out of hands.

"The one who started bitching about bitches bitching shall not complain about bitches bitching back if one is bitchy to them" - Mara (aka me)

I don't know how something like this can happen. We hardly have any drama in our community. We all get along great and guests love us ^^ My friend Tabsi, who visited me last May, didn't want to go home because the meet-up was so great. After spending 5 days with 9 of us in Paris, the Norwegian Lolita wanted to come visit us in Austria. The dutch Lolita, who was in Austria last March, comes back every year. Guests wouldn't want to come back if we were elitist brandwhores and it really makes me sad that someone could think something like that :(

How do you get around with drama? Have you ever experienced something like this? I feel very protective about my Lolita friends and I can't stand if someone is rude to them. Do you have similar feelings about your community? Tell me in the comments.

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