Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

How to travel in Lolita

Hello Ladies!

Next Thursday I'm going to Bremen to visit a very close Friend of mine. I haven't seen Jules in more than 2 years and you have no idea how much I missed her.

Anyways, I'm going to wear Lolita only during my stay in Bremen. Jules and I met because she complimented me on my outfit. She was new at my school and she said, she was afraid to talk to me because I looked so perfect ^^ Jules has this crazy ideas about Lolitas, for instance she "believes" that Lolitas don't really eat, we just pretend to so other people don't feel uncomfortable or suspect that we don't eat. She and I had so much fun making up stupid stuff about Lolitas. Lolitas also don't sweat... oh how I wish that was true.

Anyhow (I'm so distracted today), traveling as a Lolita or in Lolita is a little more complicated than traveling as a normal person. When I was younger, I would just pack whatever I felt like wearing and that's it but now that I'm a Lolita and I spend way too much time thinking about co-ordinates, I can't do that any longer. If I packed whatever I felt like wearing, I probably would end up with several incomplete outfits, maybe with 5 skirts, 3 dresses and only 2 blouses ^^ Also, my suitcase would weigh way too much. For Paris my suitcase was around 19 kilo heavy :D I packed one complete outfit for every day, including extra wigs, shoes and bags.

So how do you save space in your suitcase and keep it as lite as possible?
-Plan one outfit for every day.  That way you don't pack anything you don't need. I know that sounds ridiculous and like some strange obsessional neurosis but it will help you.

-Stay within one style or with one colour. If you want to wear sweet and gothic, you have to bring twice as my accessories. However, if you are going for bitter-sweet (which is sweet Lolita with black dresses) and gothic, that's not a problem because you can basically wear the same shoes or bags with it.

-Match your outfits to your shoes. That's similar to the point above. For Bremen I will try to match my outfits to one pair of shoes, so I don't have to bring an extra pair of shoes. Also, I only have one pair of comfortable boots ^^ and since I want to enjoy my trip, I want to avoid blisters.

-Either wear your petticoat or put your petticoat in your handluggage. That way you save A LOT of space in your suitcase :D If you own a "super gorgeous" petticoat (Closetchild names its petticoats "super gorgeous" and that amuses me), I would put the petticoat into the handluggage, because you will probably need to take it off at the airport and plane seats are small. (Fun Fact: Both times I flew back from Paris, I had to take off my clothes from them. I guess, I'm so hot the French airport security manipulates the metal detector so they can see me in my underwear XD <== I'm obviously joking)

I hope that was helpful for you. Can you think of any other helpful tips? If so, share them in the comments below.

Montag, 23. Januar 2012


I want to tell you something about me. I'm not a patient person. Not at all :D
If I want something, I want it bad and most of all I want it N-A-O-W! (<== I know how to spell "now", "N-A-O-W" just sounds more urgent ^^)

Yesterday evening I suddenly felt the very powerful need to colour my hair "mint". the problem is, my hair is black (and red but getting rid of the red is not that big of a problem) and in order to dye my hair mint, I need to bleach it. Bleaching black hair is a pain in the ruffle butt. You can't do it at once. It take at least 2-3 times and it damages the hair pretty badly.
Still, mint hair would look so awesome!

Confessions of a female Drag Queen
When I started with Lolita a bit over 3 years ago, I had dyed my hair brown. It was a bit darker and prettier than my natural mousy grey.

Last October I decided to dye my hair black again. I had black hair when I was 16 or 17. Before that it was red, brown, orangy-red, blond... At some point I had green bangs but I can't remember when.
So, black hair, but I didn't go for all black but for black with grey highlights.

I'm still in love with this combination. Grey hair is super sexy ^^ You may guessed it, I have a weird fable for grey hair!
After Lady Gagas music video"Edge Of Glory" came out I wanted my hair like hers:

Did not work out so well:

A week later I coloured the fringe black again. The blond made my face look elongated and just weird. This is what it looked like with the black fringe:

I really liked how it looked, especially when I curled my hair and the orangy-brown colour came through.
At the moment my hair is red at the roots, black at the top and red underneath. When I dyed my hair red this summer, I didn't care about the black. The hairline with the "un-coloured" hair soaked up the red, the black from before stayed black and the bleached hair underneath got the same nice red colour as the roots.

Now, 4,5 month and another package of red hair dye later, my hair looks even more red than in this picture. The black is growing out and I replace it with red.

Back to the mint hair. If I want mint hair, I need light blond hair and no hairdresser in my city (I actually asked 5 of them...) wants to bleach it. One said I should go back to brown and wait until the black has grown out of it completely. Bleaching brown hair isn't a problem at all. The only problem is, it would take maybe about another 6 month until the black is gone and I want the mint hair colour N-A-O-W!
I could start washing my hair with cleansing shampoo or use a hair colour remover but it would still take forever (at least a month) and like I said in the beginning, I'm not a very patient person. Well, I guess, I will stay red for now...

Sorry for this long and not Lolita related post but at least I'm blogging, right? :D

Tell my about your hair in the comments. Do you dye it? Do you like to change it out all the time? Or do you stay with one colour?

Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

How dare you?

There is a facebook group for Austrian Lolitas only. Today in this group someone asked if he was the only one who felt like a second class Lolita because he didn't wear brand only. This discussion got out of control.

 First all the Lolitas I know tried to explain, that, even though they prefer brand, they hardly ever wear brand only, that they have many "offbrand" outfits and that nobody would ever treat you differently because you don't wear brand only (I should know, since I wear a lot of home made items).
This lead to "brand isn't all that good, you only pay the name" (which is partly true but with every "brand" in the world, not only Lolita brands). I'm a professional seamstress, I had 5 years of training. I can tell you, brands like Baby, the stars shine bright, Angelic Pretty and Innocent World are quality wise better than Bodyline or replicas (clothes, not shoes). Of course there are some addled eggs, products that aren't as well made as the rest, but over all I can say that brand is better than offbrand. Why? Because they have more money and they don't have to produce on a very low budget.

Unfortunately, you can't defend brand without being called a "brandwhore". The word "whore" is, in my opinion, offensive. I don't like being called a brandwhore, even if it was true (I wouldn't call myself a brandanything, although do wear a lot of brand in the last time...). The girl who called all my friends "brandwhores" and clearly meant it in an offensive way, said it was sarcasm and we are all stupid because we obviously can't read. I'm not making that up, she actually said that. She also said that Duplica, the first Lolita in Austria, didn't know anything about the fashion (I'm still not making that up) and she knows it better (which she didn't, only a small part she said was right). That's disrespectful. Duplica does A LOT, really a ton of work, for the Lolita community in Austria. There would be no Lolita community in Austria if it wasn't for Duplica so you better show some respect. Also if you want to have an argument with a specialist (and someone who has been in the scene for a decade is in my eyes a specialist) you better do your research. I learned that maxim the hard way. I told my history teacher, she was wrong. Well, she was right and I never got an "A" in her class ever again.

That argument was now about 150 comments long. At that point another girl decided to say that this whole discussion is stupid and all the girls commenting here have no life. Why would you do that? That's not a smart thing to do and it makes you come across like an a-hole. Needless to say, it completely got out of hands.

"The one who started bitching about bitches bitching shall not complain about bitches bitching back if one is bitchy to them" - Mara (aka me)

I don't know how something like this can happen. We hardly have any drama in our community. We all get along great and guests love us ^^ My friend Tabsi, who visited me last May, didn't want to go home because the meet-up was so great. After spending 5 days with 9 of us in Paris, the Norwegian Lolita wanted to come visit us in Austria. The dutch Lolita, who was in Austria last March, comes back every year. Guests wouldn't want to come back if we were elitist brandwhores and it really makes me sad that someone could think something like that :(

How do you get around with drama? Have you ever experienced something like this? I feel very protective about my Lolita friends and I can't stand if someone is rude to them. Do you have similar feelings about your community? Tell me in the comments.

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Angelic Pretty ★2012 Lucky Bag★ A la carte Tea Time Salopette Set

Hello Ladies!

Last week I spontaneously bought Angelic Prettys Salopette Lucky Bag. To be honest, I bought it because of the Boston Bag, not because of the salopette :D I was sure that the salopette wouldn't fit me... and I was right!

I'm too big for it ^^ but for once in my Lolita-life I'm not too big, like in too fat, but really too big, like in too tall! The skirt should sit on my hips but the straps are not long enough so the waistband can't reach my hips :D

It somehow makes me really happy that I'm too tall to keep it. That just made my day :D

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Travel Bug

I have the travel bug... bad! My feet are itching to go to Paris.

Paris is one of my favourite cities and I would love to go there this year. Last year I didn't have time to visit the Japan Expo and I since I got sick, I couldn't do the whole tourist thingy I wanted to. The only problem is that probably nobody wants to go with me, again, and I don't want to travel alone.

My strategy to get rid of the travel bug actually made it worse XD I looked at Lolita items with Paris or France themed prints. Yeah, that really didn't help. Here are some of the things I found:

Row 1: both Baby, the stars shine bright (Paris Window JSK, Paris Princess Drop JSK)
Row 2: Angelic Pretty (French Cafe OP), Rare Editions (Paris Print Dress)
Row 3: Angelic Pretty (Mode Girl JSK and print close up)
Row 4: Angelic Pretty (Magical Etoile JSK and print close up)
Row 5: Angelic Pretty (Magical Etoile headband and close up)
Row 6: both Angelic Pretty (Fantastic Dolly socks, Magical Etoile socks)

I had the biggest face-palm-moment when I realised, I didn't think about FRENCH cafe at all. I mean, it's "in your face"-franc-themed and it didn't come to my mind until the end of my search! Also, it feels like there should be a lot more dresses with the Eiffel Tower on it (from Innocent World and Metamorphose) but I'm overlooking them.

Oh well, I'm going to drown my sorrow in work now and try to not google flights to Paris. They are way to cheap at the moment and that breaks my heart!

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

The Frilly Pussy

I promised you the story about the frilly pussy (aka "Rüschenmuschi").

Summer 2010 I was in Bonn, Germany, for the Animagic. My two friends wanted to go there because of Moon Kana (she played 2 concerts at the Animagic) and I joined them because one of my best friends lives in Bonn and that was a good opportunity to visit her.

On our first night we went out to have cocktails with a local Lolita and on our way back to the hotel a very friendly young boy screamed after us: "FRILLY PUSSY!" It was hilarious! It was the most creative and funny thing we have ever heard and it's still my number one "insult".
The next day we told to story to our German friends and somehow they did not quite understand why we thought it was funny. German and Austrian people have a very different kind of humour. My friend and I were talking all day about how to create a real frilly pussy. We wanted to put it on bags and t-shirts. We had a lot of fun with it but it took me almost a year to finally sew one.

The original frilly pussy is in Japan right now. It was a farewell gift for my friend, who wanted it on a t-shirt in the first place. I made it into a brooch so she could pin it to cardigans, bags, etc.

After I sewed the first one, an old school friend of mine ordered one from me and I made her wear it to open day of our old school. We both wore one and our ex- art teacher, 55+ year old woman, asked what it was.
"A female primary sexual characteristic, bordered with ruffled ribbon, aka a frilly pussy.", was my answer.
Our German teacher was standing next to us and he laughed so hard, I was worried he would joke.

That's the story about the frilly pussy. I hope I didn't offend anybody ^^ btw my German teacher touched my "pleasure pearl", which made my sister almost throw up as I told her the story since he is her form teacher and it really grossed her out XD

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

a new year means change

First of all... wow... 4 new readers! How did that happen? :D

It's a new year, a fresh start and I feel like I need some changes in my life. If you now me a little bit better, you know my need for change comes about every other day ^^ Seriously, last year around Christmas I wanted to stop wearing Lolita, then I started to wear more classic and now I'm crazy for nerdy-sweet Lolita. I can't settle for one thing, that's just boring ^^

I just forgot what I wanted to talk about... oh yeah, change! I own a closet full of beautiful dresses, that I don't wear but it's incredible hard for me to let them go. So many memories are connected to these dresses.

For instance, Babys "Gingham Rose":

I love this dress to death but it never fit right and I don't wear it. It's so hard to let this dress go but I think it needs to leave.

This is Metamorphos' "Windows Print" and unfortunately I never figured out how to coordinate this stupid dress even though I'm in love with the print and the fabric. It's a stunning dress and that pictures doesn't do it justice.

Why is it so hard to let go of dresses that you no longer wear? Or am I the only one who finds it hard? Are you having difficulties clearing your closet? Tell me in the comments below.