Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

uhm... what?

A friend of mine and I decided to order at Angelic Pretty Paris, so I wrote them an e-mail, told them what we wanted and that I have a full "coupon card" which is worth 25€.

They answered quite quickly and said, they need the card in Paris (kind of "in person") and I should send it to them. They gave me two opions: 1. Buy the things now for the full price and as soon as the coupon arrives, I get my money back or 2. they reserve the stuff until the coupon arrives and then they send me the invoice for the order.

Well, I got their mail on the 28th,  and since then I was unable to send them an answer because their inbox is full! HOW THE HELL CAN SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN?! I mean, yeah, they get a lot of mails and they have to keep it for a while because of legal shit and stuff but it's been almost 2 days now and apparently they still haven't noticed it. I still can't answer them.

In the letter I wrote them I tried to explain what is going on. I really hope it doesn't sound rude but it is really driving me up the walls. It gives me rashes ^^ Seriously, the fact, that I can't reach them, stresses me so much, that I got a stress-related nettle rash this morning (as I tried to send them an answer... again...) Don't do that to me :(

It's been a while since I got a full on nettle rash because of stress. What are you doing to me Angelic Pretty? Seriously?

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