Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Lolita - The Movie

I recently watched the movie "Lolita", the version with Jeremy Irons. I thought I should at least see it once.

Jeremy Irons is a great actor. I like him a lot. I even liked him in this stupid movie. The movie was... well, not my cup of tea. It's not a bad movie, it's really well done and the actors are great but if you want to slap the main character in the face, constantly, then there's something very wrong!

I guess I would have liked the movie if if wasn't for "Lolita". I don't understand Humberts fascination with her because I think she is plain ugly. The actress is not the type of woman I find attractive, not at all! I could have gotten over that but "Lolita" is so annoying and tiring. Why does Humbert tolerate this kind of behaviour? I have no idea... She behaves like my 9 year old brother when he is really really bored but she is supposed to be 14.
Humbert is a very smart man, he is some kind of literature professor and "Lolita" is the exact opposite. She comes across as a dumb spoilt brat and if there is something that I absolutely dislike it's dumb spoilt brats!

Well, over all, I'm glad I watched it because now I can say, I don't like it ^^
Have you seen any of the movies? Have you red the book? Tell me in the comments!

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