Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Let's take a stroll around town!

Maybe you noticed that I didn't post any outfit-pics lately. It's not because I don't wear Lolita. I'm just incredible messy and I don't have the space in my room to take a picture ^^

But I made it! I cleaned up my room! It's amazing how much garbage I had lying around. It should be so easy to throw things out but sometimes it's not. Especially if you are like me and a tiny voice in the back of your head wispers "you may need this at some point at the future" every time you are sorting things out.

Now that my room is clean again I can take pictures! WHEEE!!

Well... I can take pictures, I just need to find a better angle. Yes, I look incredible fat in that picture because I wear uncountable layers of clothes to stay warm. The members of the "Dr. Who Regulars Table" decided to visit my very boring home town and I joined them :D It was nice and I really hope I made a good first impression, even though I doubt that because I'm awkward and weird XD True story!

What did you do on the weekend? Anything fun? Tell me in the comments below!

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