Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

I am indeed the master of Christmas presents

Whenever I call myself "master of Christmas presents", I'm obviously joking. It's simply to please my ego. I need that from time to time. Who doesn't? But still, I'm pretty damn good at making presents!

This headdress was for Nana. We saw something like this in Paris and since I had this plastic ivy lying around at home, I decided to make her something similar to what we saw in Paris. (Also, thank you for the nail polish! It's so pretty!)

This is the bonnet I showed you some days ago. I made the brim smaller and finished it in time to send it to my friend Tabsi in Germany. She loves it ^^ which makes me incredible happy.

A jabot I threw together last minute. I had the cameo (well, the piece on the inside with the dead lady on it) for ages and didn't know what to do with it. That's a very good use for it, don't you think? ^^

I also made a unicorn brooch and a "Frilly-Pussy" brooch (remind me to tell you the story about the frilly pussy aka "Rüschenmuschi" at some point) but I forgot to take pictures of them :/ I didn't take a picture of the blouse I've sewn either... but my friend was nice enough to send me the poupee link.

Until now I didn't recieve my secret Santa gift from the animexx Lolita circle (and since I didn't get anything last year, this makes me kind of nervous) but my regulars table secret Santa gift was PERFECT!

How many of you don't know what that is? XD It's a tape maker ("Schrägbandformer"). You need it iron bias binding in shape. It's sooo awesome! I had a sewstressgasm (is that inappropriate to say? ^^) as I unwrapped it and nobody at the regulars table was able to understand my excitement! This tool is like an ipod station in your car: You don't necessary need it but it can be very helpful. It's especially helpful if you want to sew cutsews and I want to sew quite a lot of those in the next months :D
I never thought my secret Santa would get me something like this. It was incredible thoughtful of her.

How was your advent season so far? Tell me in the comments.

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