Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Happy International Winter Lolita Day

Happy International Winter Lolita Day!

Or international Lolita winter day or winter international Lolita day ^^ I'm not sure which is the right order :D

So, tell me. What are you doing today? Do you meet up with your Lolita friends? Do you even care about "international Lolita day?". I won't do anything at all, just cleaning my room because it really needs to be done ^^

And a funny thing happened to me yesterday. I was talking to my friend in Canada and told her, how I was fed up with all the stuff I own and that I don't feel like wearing anything in my closet because it feels like I wore everything a thousand times and how I would love to own the Honey Cake OP in yellow. Also, we both agreed that spending a lot of money before Christmas makes us feels guilty.
But later that day I found another Lolita-channel on youtube and the girl was selling her Honey Cake OP in yellow. The video was a week old and I thought there was no chance that the dress is still available. But it was! And it was actually quiet cheap too. So, I bought it XD

Buying this dress sure rips a hole in my financial plan but I need a little change in my wardrobe. I really got upset yesterday. It felt like me not wanting to wear any of my dresses was blocking my chi or something. This sounds so silly and shallow. But I was upset and I don't like being upset. So I changed something and now I feel great! And I am allowed to buy a dress every half a year, don't you think?

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