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Hair Tutorial: Side Buns

You asked for it, I'm at your service ^^

Side buns. It's so easy to do. It's the one hair style I do when I don't have enough time for something like curling my hair. It takes me under 10 minutes and it looks really cute!

You will need 2 hair ties, some bobby pins and a teasing comb.

This is a teasing comb. It's "spiky" at the bottom of the teeth. A teasing comb would be ideal but any comb with close teeth will do. You could even use a brush, it doesn't really matter.

You start off by making one pigtails on each side your head. Make sure they are even. Otherwise it will show up in the end and fixing it will drive you nuts. I "place" the pigtailis a litter above and behind my ears.
The next step will be the teasing. You hold one pigtail at the hair ends with one hand and with the other hand, that holds the teasing comb, you push the hair upwards. For example, in my left hand I hold the left pigtail (at the hair ends, as close to the bottom as possible) and in my right hand I hold the teasing comb. I then use the teasing comb to push the hair from the bottom upwards. You don't need much volume close to the hair tie, you need it in the middel.
After you teased both pigtails you should look something like on the right picture.

Before you can start with pinning the up the pigtails to side buns, you need to smooth out the surface. Make a loose fist around the pigtails, but don't close it. Run your hand down the pigtail from the hair tie to the hair ends. You don't want to lose too much of the volume you just created, you just want a smooth surface. It's easier to work with a smooth surface. For more "grip" use a little bit of hair spray .
Pinning up the buns is the trickiest part. I wrap the hair around the tie from the front to the back. I hold the hair closest to the hair tie down (left pigtail with my left hand, right pigtail with my right hand) and start wrapping with my other hand ( left with right, right with left). I keep it loose and tug the hair ends under the buns so they don't show. With the first bobby pin I pin down the hair ends otherwise the bun will instantly fall apart ^^
Put as many booby pins in as you feel you need. I mostly use 3-4 but sometimes they don't want to work out and I have like a dozen in one bun. Finish up with a good amount of hair spray and start decorating!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below!

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