Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

All about tights and overknees

The H&M kids department broke my heart so many times... why the ef can't you produce all the cute stuff for grown ups too? Why?

But okay, it's not supposed to  happen, I guess. I can't force my very womanly body in one of the cardigans or dresses but I can cheat a little and wear the kids tights ^^

If you are on a budged or simply to young to earn enough money to buy stuff online (brand, Bodyline or Taobao, doesn't matter), the hardest nonbrand item to find is probably the socks and tights. Especially if you prefer sweet Lolita. You hardly find cute socks or tights in European shops. Well, you do find them. In the H&M kids department and you can't wear them because they are tiny -.-  But, like I said, you can cheat!

H&M has some really sweet and cute tights in the kids department. Off white, baby pink, brown with pink polka dots and a lot more. If you are thin and not very tall, you will probably fit into the 158/164 tights but if you are curvy, like I am, they won't fit you. I'm going to tell you my trick, how you can wear them anyway.

You get a pair of tights and cut off the "pants"-part. That way you have a pair of stockings or overknees. You can leave it like that. The edge will not unravel itself. But if you want, you can zig-zag-sew along the edge to secure it.

The stockings won't stay up, the will slip down your legs. You have to wear them with garters/suspenders. Now you might ask yourself, where do I get a suspender belt? Angelic Pretty has bloomers with detached garters if you want a brand item (they are insanely overpriced though ^^)

Funnily enough Amazon has a great variety of suspender belts or you look around in a sex shop. They are specialised in underwear. But don't visit a sex shop if you are under 18 and don't tell your parents I told you to look for suspenders in a sex shop XD Don't write me angry e-mails, parents ^^
Often underwear shops don't have suspender belts because they are out of fashion. Sex shops have them all year and the suspenders there are in most cases much cheaper than in normal underwear shops. I will now stop talking about sex shops... XD

I hope this was kind of helpful for you. I promise, I will not show off my underwear in another blog post ^^ What do you prefer, tights, overknees or knee high socks?

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