Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

What is wrong with me?

You know, people say when you are pregnant you are craving ridiculous things like pickles with ice cream. I feel like something like this is happening to me but not with food but with Lolita dresses...

When Angelic Pretty first released the Honey Cake series I could not believe that they actually released something so terribly ugly. Now, I want it. BAD!

I swear to Momoko, my first reaction to this dress was: "Holy  mother of god, what kind of drugs are the designers on? They are raping fabric!"
And now I'm willed to pay 300€ for this particular dress. I can't effort it. I'm still paying back the money my Mom lent me for Paris ^____^" There is absolutely no way I could buy this any time soon (it's also sold out and hardly shows up on Closet Child or the sales comm) but I really really want it. It's yellow and red and sooo ugly I just have to love it!

It's not a pretty dress. I have no idea why I want it. I just do...

What are you craving at the moment? Tell me in the comments.

PS: Yeah, can't sleep -.-

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