Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

"Real" Lolita Hobbies

I'm on flue-medication, bare with me! My brain feels all fluffy and weird.

I hope you didn't take my last blog entry too seriously. I was in the mood to write a kind of shallow and ridiculously clichéd blog post, which doesn't mean you are shallow or clichéd if you do enjoy these hobbies. I practise 6,5 out of 8 of them! It also doesn't mean you are not a good Lolita if you don't enjoy them. I guess I wanted to make clear that a fashion should not dictate what kind of hobbies you have.

Now, here is an incomplete list of things I like to do in my spare time other than Lolita-related things:

- getting my nerd core on and gaming like a BOSS!!

I carry my nintendo DS in Hello Kitty case. Just for the record, I own a first generation Nintendo DS, it's so old, it's almost considered vintage :D

- getting my nerd core on and collecting "Lord of the rings"-themed stuff like a BOSS!!
I own a Minas Tirith bookend and 3 copies of the book itself ^^

- getting my nerd core on and watching SciFi and Fantasy series like a BOSS!!
Star Trek, Dr Who, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, Fringe, Supernatural, etc, not Andromeda though because I can't stand Hercules not playing Hercules ^^

- getting my nerd core on and drooling over Star Wars merchandise like a BOSS!!
I want a Storm Trooper uniform so bad!

So, you see, I'm a nerd, a BOSS!! (like a boss) and a Lolita ^^ Have fun with this wonderful fashion!

And seriously, don't take me too serious. Flue-medication does funny things to me! Vampires suck... oh god... I can't stop laughing about that!

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