Montag, 21. November 2011

Prom Night!

Yesterday was my sisters prom and since she visits the same school I visited, I decided to go to the prom.

First I have to tell you, the city where my ex-school is, is in my opinion the most horrible city to be a Lolita. 90% of the population are ignorant, rude people. There are many schools, so you have a lot of young people, especially at the train station. I hated to wait for my train/bus to arrive. I'm trying to stay positive and I don't like to use the word hate because it's so negative and you shouldn't waste so much energy on such a negative thing but I really hated to be at the train station. I'm tough but that was too much for me.

Now that you know about my feelings for this city, you can probably understand that I didn't feel very excited about this prom. But it meant a lot to my sister and it was nice to see some of my old teachers.
Weeks before the prom I was thinking about what to wear to this prom. A plain prom dress and a put-up hairdo? Or full on eccentricity? Yeah... you guessed it!

I'm wearing my "Afternoon Garden" dress from Angelic Pretty (I spend so much money on that dress, I have to wear it as often as possible XD), my Rock Star Wig and a handmade crown (looks better from the front, though). The shoes were killing me after half an hour but I stayed strong through out the night ^^

Trough out the night, there was one thing I was told over and over again: "I didn't recognize you." But how could they not recognize me? They all spend at least 2 years with me and already saw me in my Lolita outfits. I was wearing Lolita everyday when I was still in school. I'm not the most creative girl that ever visited that school but probably the most uncommon one. So, who did they think would dress up like this besides me? ^^

My German teacher complimented me on my nice hair. I didn't tell him it's a wig. He is not into this whole fashion-thingy (FYI it's a fashion-school, just in case you didn't know that) and he didn't know what to say. He obviously wanted to say something nice. I couldn't take that away from him.
My management teacher smiled at me and gave me that "only-you-would-come-dresses-up-like-this"-look but in a positive way. She organises the prom and I think she truly appreciates creativity. Somehow.
That may sound mean but I'm glad my form teacher wasn't at the prom. I never got along with her even though I think she was the best pattern drawing teacher in school. I don't know what she would have said about my outfit but I fear it would not have been so positive, in a way that she finds funny. Sometimes people try to be funny but insult you  instate without noticing that they hurt you. Yeah, I'm glad I didn't have to deal with her.

That entry is getting quiet long and non-Lolita-related. Sorry for that. I just had to get this off my chest. Did you ever have a similar experience? Tell me in the comments below!

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