Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Pefect Lolita Hobbies

Whenever I get bored and I feel like I have nothing to do, I tend to say one specific sentence: "I need a hobby!" So, what's the perfect Lolita hobby?

- Playing the piano

Or the violin, cello, flute... Basically any kind of elegant looking instrument. Maybe not the sax(ophone) or the drums but I would really love to see a Lolita jazz band :D

- Knitting and crocheting
You could do Amigurumi, lace collars, whole cut sews, wristcuffs, head dresses... the possibilities are endless!

- Embroidering
Sitting in front of a fireplace with a embroidery frame, embroidering unicorns on a pillow. No doesn't that just sound like a perfect Lolita moment?

- Deco den
It's sweet, it's kawaii and it comes from Japan. It doesn't get any more perfect!

- Travelling
to Japan of course... and Paris and San Francisco... everywhere where Lolita shops are!

- Collecting Lolita artwork
This could be books, DVDs, magazines, drawings, really everything Lolita-related.

- Hair styling, Make-up, Nail design
Anything beauty-related because we want to look even more beautiful than we really are! Who doesn't want that?

- Having your picture taken
Admit it, we are all picture-addicts!

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