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Lolita-hairstyles for short hair - the fro!

Writing a hair-tutorial is a point on my list and I put it on there because I always felt like there aren't many hair-tutorials for short hair. My hair is a bit longer than shoulder-length at the moment and when I first cut it to that length, I had to figure out what hairstyles I can do with it. Believe me, you can do some pretty sweet stuff with it.

The first thing I want to show you is "the fro". Wikipedia says:
"Fro may refer to:
  • "Fro", slang for Afro, a hairstyle in the form of a big puff"
A hairstyle in the form of a big puff. Now isn't that just perfect for Lolita? I think it is! It works best if your hair is about shoulder-length. I feel like my hair is getting a bit too long for it. You will need some kind of curlers, the thinner the better. I'm using curlpaper (Papilloten, für alle aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum) made out of foam but you could use paper strips or pieces of toilet paper. Don't use newspapers though, the ink could stain your hair.

These are the curlers that I use. I got them for under 3€ I think and they are really good and not that uncomfortable to sleep on. To get the best outcome, I put the curlers in at night, I either just came out of the shower and my hair is freshly washed or I wet it after I put the curlers in with a spray bottle and some water. If you keep the curlers in over night, your hair has several hours to dry. It needs to be completely dry when you take out the curlers otherwise the curls won't stay in your hair.
I always start off on the back of my head because this is the hardest part to reach. I part my hair in the middle, separate a small section down the middle and clip the rest of the hair out of the way.

Once I'm done with the back I do the rest of my hair. The smaller the sections of hair you take, the better for the fro because you want really tight, small curls. After you done your whole head, if your hair is already wet, you can now leave it like this and go to bed. If it's not wet, get a spray bottle with some water and spray your hair. Make sure your whole head is evenly damp.
My hair is really thin and dries fast. However if your hair is thicker and needs longer to dry, I would recommend that you use the second method. That way your hair is "only" damp and not wet all the way through and it will dry quicker. The outcome is the same.

This is what your hair should look like after you took the curlers out, tight, tiny curls all over your head. Don't brush it! Firstly, try do run a comb through it, it won't work anyway ^^ Secondly, you don't want to loosen up the curls too much. I run my fingers through the curls, very gently, whip my head back and for (oh media, you ruined me for life XD) to separate the hair and bring some volume into the curls.

And this is what you end up with. I think it's so darn cute! You can leave the fro as it is and just put a head bow on or whatever you like. Or you could style it a little.

You can put your hair into very curly sidebuns. Just part your hair down the middle and put it into pigtales with 1 scrunchy on each side. Or you make one giant bun on the top of your head. Pull your hair up and put a hair tie around it. But for this hair style I would make the plait first and put the curlers in when the hair is in the plait. That way you don't have to worry about smoothing out the sides of your head with all the curlyness going on.

I hope you liked this tutorial! Tell me if you want a tutorial for any other hair style ^^

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